Friday, July 29, 2011

Fast Food Cautious

I think most fast food are highly contaminated with saturated fat, yellow sticky oils and generally offer a cup of carbonated drinks which contains a lot of sugars.

Not healthy.

Not healthy at all.

The thing is, whenever I buy something from a fast food chain restaurant, be it McDonalds, KFC or even Pizza Hut, I always felt very cautious on eating them and today was no exception.

I bought myself a KFC snack plate (I thought of eating fast foods to treat myself before this coming Ramadhan) and no, I didn't take the pepsi drink but Cheesy Wedges- 


I wanted to eat it without hesistation, I mean.."Makan jakla..peduli apa aku dengan minyak, saturated fat and all those crap".

But it didn't work.

As soon as I pinch those crispy fried chicken skin, I panicked and get myself a tissue and wiped some oil from the chicken using the tissues.

Most of you guys might think..WTF?

I have this, everytime when I eat deep fried or oily stuffs, I tend to wipe it with that I could avoid myself from eating those excess oils from it.

Sounds weird?


So, in the end, I only ate one chicken (but ate all the side dishes including the wedges) but I had to give away the other piece of the chicken to some stray cats outside searching for food.

Better stay healthy I say. Should've eaten that bar of chocolate instead of KFC!


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