Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Nile Cruise

I still remembered that a few years ago- I rode the Sarawak River Cruise in which I sat on a big cruise ship and watch the scenes of my city; the city of Kuching.

Did I enjoy it?

Not that much- it was pretty boring. Luckily I had a free ticket, otherwise it would've been a bummer to pay RM30++ for a ride. One thing positive about the cruise was it had free refreshments, though the refreshments was only a few slices of layer cakes and cordial drinks.

If money was not an issue, one of my biggest travel dreams is to get into a holiday trip- to exotic cities such Strasbourg, Cologne and even Vienna and enjoy a Nile cruise- travelling from port to port from each city; where each city is famed for its exclusivity and history.

Imagine- sitting on a cruise ship on a perfectly fine and perfect weather, with a glass of your favourite drink and accompanied with your loved ones.

What an experience would that be, eh?

Besides, after watching scenes of Venice, (my word, what a beautiful city it is-) in the movie of The Tourist, there's no better excuse to enjoy a cruise and experience the wonders of our world.


Ku Muhamad Ashman Ku Aziz said...

Venice in tourist memang lawa....hohoho..kalo ade awek hot teman lg sronok..hehee

Nava.K said...

Suppose its all part of experience that we want to do. I was at Venice and on the gondola ride, nothing to shout about but its the joy of experience and seeing the beautiful sceneries.

of tr@vels, 3nvironment, 9hotography and bl@bl@bl@ said...

wehh..only one pic? how about photos during the trip? hehe

Thristhan said...

RM30 for the ride seems reasonable to me :)

Elisha Batuncang said...

For 5 years I've been living in Kuching, I never get to cruise the Kuching River. Cost would be one of the reason.

Random-Apples said...


kalau ade awek hot..sume bende sronok..haha


u've been to venice before? jealous..heh. =P


i could upload more pics, if u want..hehe


hmm..not really sure if its reasonable to me, but still, if its RM20 or less, i'd give it a good shout. =P


a sampan trip would be much more affordable and better, if u ask me. ;)

Elisha Batuncang said...

Ya bah kan. Still can do the same trip but then it's not very good choice if you wanna enjoy the scene like the cruiser. The advantage of higher view point.

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