Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Arsenal Vs Malaysia [Training Pics]

It was one hell of a day at KL today. Going back and forth in KL meeting with representatives of MARA and UniKL was really tiring- but, as we arrived at Bukit Jalil, approximately on 6pm, our spirits were totally high up in the sky. (Okay..lame sentence)

Soooo..anyways, It's Arsenal- beybeh! And it was their training session.

Pics- As always.

It was totally fun to watch the team live at the stadium; especially when the keeper saved a few shots from the Arsenal players. Totally wow-ed. Van Persie does has this thing on his shots- venomous. There were a lot of fans cheering on the team- but too bad i'm a Liverpool fan; still, it was a pleasure to see them passing the ball around. Can't wait to see Liverpool this coming Thursday!

Hope you guys enjoyed the training session pictures. Arsenal Vs Malaysia on 8.45pm, Wednesday. Who will prevail?

I'm guessing its a 3-1 win to Arsenal.

Heh. :p


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