Friday, July 8, 2011

Photo Sharing: 24

That's a photo of the KL monorail which was shot using my Nikon a year ago.

During these few month's i've been lazy to snap some pictures. I still remember when I got my first DSLR 2 years back, damn- i took photo's like crazy!

But then I don't know why, the passion seems to fade. Like last time, I used to shoot street photography a lot but then..probably i'm lazy. I'm becoming a couch potato during these holidays!

And oh, i'll be adding a new lens on my gear list, probably on next week; i'm sure that'll bring those burning desire to shoot photo's come at full force!

Want to know what's the lens that i'm talking about? Stay tuned! 

P:S// I'll be going to the Peninsular this 9th of July. Fuck those Bersih shit that's causing all the cops to employ roadblocks on the roadway to KL! KL trip- totally ruined. 

Liverpool vs Malaysia. Here I go!


MFI said...

ko patut amik gmbar aku plak..hahaha

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