Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ask A Doctor

Usually when I study I'll sit next on my bed, cross legged and some honey stars to munch on.

One thing I've realized that everytime I'm studying like that, (with or without the honey stars) my leg starts to give me some tingling and numb sensation that I really hate.

I tried googling some answers in the internet, but I'm not satisfied..until-

I met

It's a nifty site where you ask anything regarding your health problems and such and I gave it a try myself. I was quite amazed that they told me they will try to answer my question as soon as possible.

I like that.

Regarding to my question, Dr. Hoffman would gladly answer it so what the heck, I'm gonna click continue and see what's the answer for my leg tingling and numbness.

But wait.

There's a catch!!


Urgh. I have to pay atleast RM124 if im going to get my asnwer and as you can see, the higher the urgency and the level of detail required, the higher amount of money that you have to pay. The lowest was RM50, while the highest was..


I didn't click the continue button though, but I was wondering what type of answer i'm going to receive if I chose the lowest urgency and level of detail.

See, i've answered my own question!! :P. 

Now who wants an answer for their health problems? 

P:S//No offense, but I do find this site is pretty cool and reliable in terms of health. A doctor could earn as much as RM200++ for a question- I bet everyone wants to be a doctor now..hehe

Monday, March 28, 2011

Height Issue

One of my dreams was to become taller.

The last time I checked my height was 172cm which was few years back..I think my current height is somewhere in the region of 173cm; 5 cm short of my ideal height.

During my school years I've tried a lot of ridiculous things such as-




I religiously did these 3 activities almost everyday when I had the chance and to my dismay I couldn't get the height of my dreams. You know, being tall has a lot of benefits. Let me show you guys some of them. (And they're not that relevant..harhar).

1. Peter Crouch And Abigail Clancy.

If Crouchie was somewhat shorter than his 2.01m figure, i'm sure Crouchie wouldn't be with Abigail right now. Lucky prat.

2. Higher Salary

Read this excerpt from CNN's website and ponder a lil bit. If you could be taller right now, you must've been thinking you could be a boss.


(I know you guys are lazy to read newspaper article anyways..haha).

3. Dunk A Basketball

To tell you guys the truth, I've never dunk a basketball in my entire life. I'm not that tall and I jump quite short unlike this dunker here. Would be nice if I could dunk a ball or two. Sigh.

Who knows if I was taller I could be a supermodel..a footballer..or even a steward. But still, tall people always have the slight upper egde. Somehow. I guess.

Now, where's that Appeton Height Gain that I've bought earlier??

Friday, March 25, 2011

If I Were Justin Bieber For A Day

For goodness sake, why am I blogging about Justin Bieber?

Everyone knows that Justin Bieber is popular. He has loads of money in his bank account right now and I know that going to school or college doesn't make him any richer.

Well, who knows one day I was cursed by an evil witch and suddenly i became justin bieber- for a day.

Most probably, I would be like..


P:S// I do look like a monkey inside that picture..=.="

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

SPM Results 2011

Life Changing.

Those are the first few words that I could think of when I received my SPM results. I'm not that type of person who always score the highest in class nor get full A grades for all of my subjects- but I know that when I received my SPM results few years back it changed my life.

During PMR I only scored 4A's..and 4B's..not an outstanding result, but a fair one and I was quite disappointed with myself afterwards. Thankfully, my SPM results were something that I didn't really expect at all and I thank God as I was given the opportunity to study at Sheffield. (I Hope).

To those SPM candidates who's going to receive their results tomorrow, I know that your nervous, but I think its best don't hope too much, relax and just focus on something else. (I couldn't sleep for a few days before I received my results, hopefully you guys aren't experiencing the same thing as I do).

I would like to congratulate for those of you who managed to score well in your SPM and try to get some scholarships; such as MARA, JPA, SHELL, PETRONAS, YTM, SIME DARBY, PNB and many more. Who knows, God forbid, you'll be given the opportunity to study abroad too.

Don't let yourself down too much when your results are not the one that you might expect. Hopefully you'll do better in your later exams.

God is always merciful and fair to His people.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Other Side Of Kuching

This is Kuching. My hometown. From the other side of the city lies a village in which I was born. I was raised as a Kampung Boy and became a travelling student years after. I'm thankful that I was given the opportunity to see the outside world, outside from Kuching and embraced challenges that made me stronger.

For now, i'm going to fully utilize this opportunity given to me because I know that not many was given this chance, and I wouldn't want to screw this up since failing to secure good results would surely mean a bleak future for me, and my family.

Though this year was one of the worst birthdays that I've ever had, but one thing for sure I knew was i'm going to be stronger, day by day and this would be the time where i'll struggle and give that final push to the last hurdle.

Looking-Into-The Future.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Letter To My Beloved Aunt

Dear Aunt,

I know that you won't be reading this blog post, but still I'll dedicate it to you, to whom who I feel special and I love.

I couldn't recite any formal words to write, but hopefully you wouldn't mind.

It's been a roller coaster ride for you and myself in these past few years. I've always been a naughty stubborn kid. Sometimes you've asked me for help and I would always be late and wouldn't give a 100% about it.

But if I only knew that you were going to leave us so soon, the only person that I could blame is for myself for being such as an asshole. A prick.

During the days when I was still a kid, I remembered how you used to bring me to sleep together with you and buy me ice cream after that. I'd run away once you were asleep and came back when you're awake and brag about the ice cream you wanted to buy for me.

You were a very hardworking person- even when you're sick you still do your work and get in done in time. I admire that. You never gave up and how I've always wished that I had that attitude of yours when I feel like giving up.

But I guess the most cruel thing that I've done to you was during Raya last year, when you scold me about not turning up to you and ask for forgiveness during the first hours of Raya. It wouldn't be cruel if you're still here with us for Raya this year, but it just wasn't meant to be.

During Raya too, you were the one who always gave the most amount of money to me and I'm sorry that i've always spent it for the wrong reasons- pokemon cards, camera accessories and games.

You always wanted to raise a child and you didn't waste anytime by adopting Ain. We were against it at first but one thing we realized about you when you were raising Ain was, you were happy.

You bought a lot of stuff for Ain. You bought toys- cars, mini guitars, mini laptops, legos and you've always bought what Ain wanted; ice creams, chocolates and sweets. Although Ain's teeth became quite worse after you've fed her with all those cravings of her, but you didn't care. As long as Ain's happy, you're happy.

I'm not sure myself what Ain's feeling is right now, but I'm sure she'll ask,

"Pahal mata mama sik boleh bukak..?"

or maybe,

"Ne mama ne? Pahal mama sikda..Ain mok jumpa mama.."

I couldn't think about that too much, or else i'm going to weep myself on my bed later on. Ain was special to you. I knew she was. She was your everything. She was your heart, and soul.

During her birthday I could see the smile of your face was all big and smiley and that was 3 months ago. That was the last time when I see you genuinely smile infront of everyone and being happy.

I regret that that during the mid semester break I didn't spent any time with you at all. The only last spoken words you've told me on my last day of holiday break when I've met you was-

"Study Hard. Don't let your parents down"

Those words really struck me in my heart now. If only I could turn back time and spent more time with you in the hospital, give you a hug and a kiss and let you know that I love you, dear aunt.

But, it's too late now. I won't be listening any more words from you. And  I said-

"Stay in faith. Pray as much as you could"

Which was on the last day I've met you.

And you've left us with all those memories..

May your soul rest in peace and be among the souls of the faithful ones.



Your Little Niece,

Mohammad Bazil.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Time Is Running Out.

I never felt this down before my entire life.

The last time I felt seriously down and felt that suicide was an option, was during the day when I received my PMR results.

I know. Suicide is not an option. I'm not that stupid to kill myself. It's just a mere exaggeration, but still, feeling so down could really spoil my mood for the whole day, or week, perhaps.

All that i'm hoping now is a miracle and wish, that time speeds as fast as it could and let me out of this mess.

Today I had a test. Heat transfer test.

Heat transfer is one of the killer subjects for semester 2. Alongside thermodynamics and fluid mechanics. The test was hard though. Not that hard after a mere discussion with my friends after the test. During the test I panicked and didn't answer the questions accordingly and to a certain extent, I felt like i'm not worthy of being selected as one of the students to study overseas by the government.

I guess the number 4.00 that I've obtained during semester 1 and semester 2 during college was just a fluke after all. I couldn't bring those results here. I can't get that illustrious CGPA 4.00 anymore. I'm not a 1st class degree student. I'm going to fail.


Time is running out for me. Finals are just around the corner and I'm going to give everything that I've got. I've never felt so nervous about an exam since SPM. My future depends on this final exam. Everything. Depends on this final exam. Everything.

I'm wishing. Praying. And trying as hard as I could.

Sheffield. Wait. For. Me.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Worst Sarawakian Racial Slur Ever


I'm thinking that this guy is gay.

Still can't believe that these type of people existed- "sebab nila setitik, rosak susu sebelanga"; orang mcm kau ni la buat Malaysia tak tenteram!!

P:S//Credits to Dedeq for the picture. :).

Fight. Racism!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Tsunami At Japan

The world was devastated by the news of Japan, where it was severely hit by an earthquake yesterday.

I thought that it was just a tremor, but when I saw the news and the video footage of how powerful the earthquake was yesterday, I was left silenced.

The tsunami resulted from the earthquake flooded all over northern Japan- cars, boats, lorries; each and every one of them are pushed through the powerful tides of the tsunami.

Even me myself was quite unsettled, when I heard that there was some tsunami alerts on all over the world yesterday. Malaysia, was on that alert, too- but thankfully, nothing happened and I felt blessed.

Here's some video that I watched from youtube recently.

Sincere condolences to the victim of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan- be strong, get up and stay together.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

7th Liverpool Jersey

I bought my 7th Liverpool jersey yesterday. The white one, which was on sale with 50% off. The shipping cost was 15 pounds so in total I had to pay 37 pounds, which is approximately RM185. Saved more than RM50; since the price for the jersey here in Malaysia is quite expensive.

Since it was my 7th Liverpool jersey, I thought that I wanted to print the number 7, and Suarez on the back of the jersey but it was kinda expensive.

Probably next time, if I have enough greens in my pocket. :p.

Can't wait for the jersey to arrive home!!!!! I wonder what would the packaging looks like.

My 7th Liverpool jersey, fresh from Anfield, Liverpool, to Sarawak.! :p

Monday, March 7, 2011

Photo Sharing: 19

It's fascinating isn't it?

Silhouettes, i mean. They're totally amazing to see, especially from this picture.

I have lots of pictures like these and one day, i'm gonna print them all and put it inside an album, or put it in a frame. Maybe.

Looking at the picture makes me feel like lying down on a grass field and read a book and listen to casual music.

Ahhh...what a great day that would be.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Ipad 2

Apple has released their new Ipad line up, "Ipad 2".

It came to now surprise, with the current consumer market being flooded with "tablets" such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab and Motorola's Xoom- Apple had to find a way back to conquer and regain the throne of the "Tablet King".

Oh wait. That was lame. I never thought that I would be such a good news writer.

So. Steve Jobs have done it again. Ipad 2 came out and the original "Ipad 1" price was slashed from RM1599 to RM1199 (the 16gb wifi edition) and what do you know, it's almost the same price that I've paid for my Ipod touch!!!

If I knew this earlier I wouldn't mind to wait 2-3 months, saving my Ipod money to buy the new reduced price of the Apple Ipad.

Oh, another dilemma. That'll would be me buying Ipad 1 instead of the upcoming Ipad 2! I'm so outdated!!

And that-

Was a typical Apple fanboi whose rambling about Apple's gadgets- (there's a lot of them in the internet and I'm NOT one of them. Repeat. I'm NOT one of them)

I know Ipad 2 is all cool and all that- but i'm sure a lot of people were pissed when they bought their old Ipad which was soooooooo expensive during their launch in Malaysia. 1-2 months later, the price was cut-off tremendously!

Great job Steve. Great.

One thing that I really hate about Apple's product is that you never really know when they're going to release their upcoming upgrade to their current gadgets. It's like buying an Iphone 4 today for RM2000 and tomorrow Steve Jobs announced Iphone 5 and in all of a sudden the price for Iphone 4 is RM1200.

Still, I do find that Ipad is an oversized Ipod.

And i'm not interested.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Pak Arab Kecek Kelate

I was doing some of my random video watching on youtube earlier today and I've found this video highly entertaining and amusing.

Could give a little smile or two. Hehehe.

2 years living and studying in the peninsular I still find it fun to talk with Kelantanese..:).

Rindu doh ngan ko Mat Ije!

Well anyways, here goes.

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