Friday, March 25, 2011

If I Were Justin Bieber For A Day

For goodness sake, why am I blogging about Justin Bieber?

Everyone knows that Justin Bieber is popular. He has loads of money in his bank account right now and I know that going to school or college doesn't make him any richer.

Well, who knows one day I was cursed by an evil witch and suddenly i became justin bieber- for a day.

Most probably, I would be like..


P:S// I do look like a monkey inside that picture..=.="


Cik Ekin said...

wow. nama dah sedap da. Bazil Bieber/Bibir.
nama manja BB. haha :D

dr.nurzalikhayusup said...

Hahahaha!! XD XD Perey kmk bc..

gabanMorka said...

okey..that hairstyle really doesn't suits u well my friend


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