Monday, March 14, 2011

Time Is Running Out.

I never felt this down before my entire life.

The last time I felt seriously down and felt that suicide was an option, was during the day when I received my PMR results.

I know. Suicide is not an option. I'm not that stupid to kill myself. It's just a mere exaggeration, but still, feeling so down could really spoil my mood for the whole day, or week, perhaps.

All that i'm hoping now is a miracle and wish, that time speeds as fast as it could and let me out of this mess.

Today I had a test. Heat transfer test.

Heat transfer is one of the killer subjects for semester 2. Alongside thermodynamics and fluid mechanics. The test was hard though. Not that hard after a mere discussion with my friends after the test. During the test I panicked and didn't answer the questions accordingly and to a certain extent, I felt like i'm not worthy of being selected as one of the students to study overseas by the government.

I guess the number 4.00 that I've obtained during semester 1 and semester 2 during college was just a fluke after all. I couldn't bring those results here. I can't get that illustrious CGPA 4.00 anymore. I'm not a 1st class degree student. I'm going to fail.


Time is running out for me. Finals are just around the corner and I'm going to give everything that I've got. I've never felt so nervous about an exam since SPM. My future depends on this final exam. Everything. Depends on this final exam. Everything.

I'm wishing. Praying. And trying as hard as I could.

Sheffield. Wait. For. Me.


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