Tuesday, March 22, 2011

SPM Results 2011

Life Changing.

Those are the first few words that I could think of when I received my SPM results. I'm not that type of person who always score the highest in class nor get full A grades for all of my subjects- but I know that when I received my SPM results few years back it changed my life.

During PMR I only scored 4A's..and 4B's..not an outstanding result, but a fair one and I was quite disappointed with myself afterwards. Thankfully, my SPM results were something that I didn't really expect at all and I thank God as I was given the opportunity to study at Sheffield. (I Hope).

To those SPM candidates who's going to receive their results tomorrow, I know that your nervous, but I think its best don't hope too much, relax and just focus on something else. (I couldn't sleep for a few days before I received my results, hopefully you guys aren't experiencing the same thing as I do).

I would like to congratulate for those of you who managed to score well in your SPM and try to get some scholarships; such as MARA, JPA, SHELL, PETRONAS, YTM, SIME DARBY, PNB and many more. Who knows, God forbid, you'll be given the opportunity to study abroad too.

Don't let yourself down too much when your results are not the one that you might expect. Hopefully you'll do better in your later exams.

God is always merciful and fair to His people.


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