Wednesday, March 9, 2011

7th Liverpool Jersey

I bought my 7th Liverpool jersey yesterday. The white one, which was on sale with 50% off. The shipping cost was 15 pounds so in total I had to pay 37 pounds, which is approximately RM185. Saved more than RM50; since the price for the jersey here in Malaysia is quite expensive.

Since it was my 7th Liverpool jersey, I thought that I wanted to print the number 7, and Suarez on the back of the jersey but it was kinda expensive.

Probably next time, if I have enough greens in my pocket. :p.

Can't wait for the jersey to arrive home!!!!! I wonder what would the packaging looks like.

My 7th Liverpool jersey, fresh from Anfield, Liverpool, to Sarawak.! :p


Anonymous said...

may I know how much is the postage from Liverpool to Kuching?

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