Thursday, January 26, 2012

This Is Liverpool. This Is Anfield.

We're going to Wemmmmmmmmm-----be---rrr----(wait for ittt)----leyyyyyyy!!!

What a match it was last night. I still couldn't believe that i've watch the 2nd leg semi final carling cup match at Anfield and it was one of my best nights ever!! I'm still buzzing and feeling euphoric and could dance around in my room gleefully.

On the day me and my friends went to Liverpool, we arrived early in the afternoon, roughly around 12pm, so we had a lot of time to walk around and enjoy the city. Our first destination was Tesco (this is mainly because they still have the 1 pound for 5 snickers bar promo), the Albert Dock, and followed by the Liverpool eye (we paid 5.50 pounds- student price), The Beatles story museum and store, Liverpool one and the official Liverpool club shop and finally, Anfield, the holy ground for the mighty reds.

Here's some pictures of the day.

We came inside the stadium quite early, as it was dark outside and raining, so there was no point in lingering around. As soon as I've arrived and came inside, I can feel the smell of victory, the sound of the loud kopites singing and the electric vibes of the upcoming match. The seats at the stadium are very narrow so its quite hard for us to move and about but that didn't deter our spirits to enjoy the whole 90 minutes.

During the match, everyone was singing loudly, especially at the kop end and everytime the Man City fans sang or cheered, kopites will reply them back with a chant or our own song. I love the "We only hate Mancs, we only hate Mancs. We're not racists, we only hate Mancs" song. When City gave two goal frights against us in the first and second half of the match, kopites in the stadium sang their heart out, trying to lift the spirits of The Reds. I screamed my head off when Bellamy scored the 2nd goal and my word, it was a very good goal indeed. When the final whistle comes to a close, everyone in the stadium were singing You Never Walk Alone and holding out their scarfs and waving it around. It was such a spectacular atmosphere. Credits to all Redmen on the pitch tonight, they work their socks off- and not forgetting the fans too!!

And here's some pictures of the night! =P.

One of those many days that I wouldn't forget in my life. What a day, what a night!!!

Here we comeee!!!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Liverpool Vs Man City

Finally! I'm going to watch a Liverpool match at Anfield!!

It's been a dream come true for me, as a Liverpool fan, to watch my favorite team play at their home ground. It's a match between the big bucks, Man Citeh and its the semi-final of the carling cup!!

The ticket costs 39 pounds and the trip to Liverpool itself cost another 21 quid so there's a lot of spending there, but, heck, given the circumstances, it's a one in a lifetime experience! I'll be watching the match with two of my friends, Kuna and Muadz.

Though I still have exams next week, i'd probably take this as a day off and give myself a treat. I'll post the pictures of the trip to Liverpool and inside Anfield after the match.

Can't wait!!

Hopefully it'll be like those special european nights in Anfield!!


P:S// I'm predicting a 3-1 score for the Reds!!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Ngerepak: 1

Lamak dah sik klaka Sarawak oh.

Kedong dah klaka Sarawak, lekak apa yang terjadi marek time exam, tok aku mok ngerepak pasal sigek gik benda..and tok pasal analyzation aku pasal orang putih lekak diam semester dengan sidak tok.

Seriously, sidak nang pengotor tahap gila babi ku madah ngan takorang (orang UK dikpun, especially). Nang pengotor tahap dewa..tahap cipan..tahap sun wu kong..tahap semualah. Well, most of them. Apa yang takorang baca dalam newspaper pasal orang putih tok bersihlah apalah..thats total bullshit. Ok, mungkin kat dalam rumah ajak kali sidak tok pengotor.

Sidaknya lekak masak bukannya tauk cuci ngan basuh..engkah suma tapak ngan mangkok dalam singki. Tandah beberapa hari gik ya and ada sidak kawanku kat flat atas crita teruk gik..kotan dah malas gilak muang sampah..engkah plastic sampah kat dapur.

"Ko expect orang mok muang pake kawu kah bro? Ingat aku kuli kawu kah?"

Mun tong sampah penuh..bukan sidak mok muang juak pun. Kadang2 aku diam sitok rasa macam apa jak. Students International rajin and most of them ngemas..yang aku sikpaham sidak orang UK dikpun pahal sidak molah flat kedak rumah dikpun? Atleast consideratelah sikit. Ada orang lain juak diam sitok Ok? Mun sidak berparti, hanco sigek flat, nang sik kemas ngan nang kedak kandang kambin pasya. Last2, kamekorang juak nguci pake takorang n kenak anok ngan cleaner.

Sidak kawan ku kat flat atas angol ngan sidak miak flat2 lain yang datang masak..(kamekorang ok jak mun sidak flatlain datang masak..kadang2 aku pun masak ngan sidak juak) tapi masalahnya, yes, its the same thing again..mun masak ngan kawan, kawan ya dikpun juak malas mok basuh..dahla sidak baruk jak berparti beberapa hari lepas..n kmkorang nak masak pun susah.

Kira malam marek mok masak kat flat aku..since kotor gilak kat flat atas. Terkejut ku nanga sidak flat atas ngan flat dibah masak kat flat aku.. n gotcha! Singki penuh dengan mangkok ngan tapak..yoshhh, tok nang nguji kesabaran lah pok.

Dahla dalam facebook madah dirik,

"Baruk balit sehari dah rasa mok balit rumah..bencik ku study kat sitok..pahal la aku dapat teman rumah sikbest"




P:S// Patut sik aku engkah gambar oh..? Aku ada ambik gambar, tapi takut sidak perasan..haha.

Bad Day

How worse could your day be?

Everyone usually have one of those totally bad days in their lives. Probably once in a while, or maybe two.

Well today wasn't a day to be as today was that day where I experience one of the worst days of my life.


Actually, it would be like any normal day, unless if I didn't sat for the wrong set for exams and wasted precious amount of time. Personally, the exam wasn't really that hard, but I didn't managed to answer them all since I got my time really restricted due to exchange of talks, papers and some investigations with  the invigilators to get myself my actual exam paper.

It was from my own mistake really, since I queued up kinda late to put my bag at the cloakroom and didn't check my papers thereafter when I've entered the exam hall.

Feeling kinda depressed about it though, just wanted to let it out and hopefully i could forget this silly day and pretend that nothing happened.

Where's that cadbury chocolate bar at times when you really need one?

And why at times like these i gotta fuck it all up?

Sigh. I''ll get over it soon enough. Pretty soon.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I'll be having my first paper tomorrow!! Wish me all the best!! (Maths paper is lucky number one) And goodluck to all of my other friends too!! Ganbatteeee!! (To those of you trying to read wikipedia..its totally blacked out! It's time to check the dictionary once in a while).

Nak try meniru mmg impossible lah time tok.

P:S//Thinking of a blog revamp after the is getting old and probably its time to maximise profitsssssss. =P.

Sunday, January 15, 2012


It's been a disappointing winter to be honest.

I was really anticipating snow in Sheffield..but it wasnt there. Well, there are a few times that snow "did" came but it was only for a brief moment, like an hour or so. (Snow tastes like ice!). Then they would be frost in the morning where you can see a bed of snow covering the grass.

I've always wanted to make a snowman and have a snowball fight..guess i've should wait till next winter to experience the fun. Sheffield did experience the worst winter on 2010 and i did ask a few people around Sheffield how was it and they were like-

"The worst one ever"

"Shit just gotten worse, mate"

"It's cold, wet, and damp. Nobody wants to go out"

And etc, etc.

2011's winter so far is warm and fuzzy and most people are really grateful that snow didn't fall that much compared to last term; in which in the case of me and my friends- left frowning and sad of no white sparkly ice crystal falling down from the sky.

Sheffield, y u no snow?????

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Photo Sharing: 31

Current Study Mood: Stressed and all messed up.

Not really looking good at the moment though.

Thank God i brought my speakers along..atleast i can sing my heart out and blast the volume high just incase i get too paranoid.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Memes are getting ridiculously popular and to be honest, they're fun and cute, in their own way.

Just incase if i get bored of studying or in need of something to freshen up my day, sites like and are the ones that never fails to cheer me up.

I prefer to read though, since their jokes and humours always make me grin and smile with awe. Down here is one of my favourite rage comics-

Like, how fucking true is that??? Haha.

Rage comics always describe the "common everyday lifestyle" and you can't deny that it is absolutely true- well, most of it anyways.

Here's a few meme that i've generated myself using about my current situation- and some descriptions of the the meme, just incase you guys don't know what it means. Lol. (If you want to read more and create your own memes, visit memegenerator!)

"The Y U No meme actually began as Y U No Guy but eventually evolved into simply Y U No, the phrase being generally followed by some often ridiculous suggestion. Originally, the face of Y U No guy was taken from Japanese cartoon Gantz’ Chapter 55: Naked King, edited, and placed on a pink wallpaper. The text for the item reads “I TXT U … Y U NO TXTBAK?!” It appeared as a Tumblr file, garnering over 10,000 likes and reblogs"
 "That excruciating moment when you realized..WHYYYYYYYYYYYY"
 "Okay Guy, also known as Okay, is a black and white line drawing of a face that was originally part of a blank, editable, four-panel cartoon. The character says “Okay” to things that most people would not consider to be okay. "
 "One of the more popular strains of meme often has to do with a simple line drawing which conveys nonetheless and impactful emotion. In the case of Challenge Accepted, there is a line drawing of a very sure, confident, and smug looking stick person with stick arms crossed in finality"
"Slowpoke is one of a slew of Pokemon memes made popular in the internet site 4chan. The Slowpoke character is often utilized in the presence of a troll (internet kind) who has brought a tired old issue back up for discussion to the annoyance of everyone else"

"Me Gusta is a black and white line drawing depicting an out of proportion head with a goggle-eyed look. The character in the cartoon responds to anything with the phrase “Me Gusta”, which is Spanish for “I like it”, which is a loose translation of the more accurate term “It pleases me”. "
And my favourite-

"Rage FU also refers to “RageGuy”, a questionably artistic lopsided line drawing of an enraged man. RageGuy was originally part of a four panel comic strip, but his character has become so popular due to the meme that he has transitioned to full meme-dom."

Lol. So which one is your favourite? Challenge accepted? Slowpoke? Me gusta or the Rage FUUU guy? =P
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