Sunday, January 15, 2012


It's been a disappointing winter to be honest.

I was really anticipating snow in Sheffield..but it wasnt there. Well, there are a few times that snow "did" came but it was only for a brief moment, like an hour or so. (Snow tastes like ice!). Then they would be frost in the morning where you can see a bed of snow covering the grass.

I've always wanted to make a snowman and have a snowball fight..guess i've should wait till next winter to experience the fun. Sheffield did experience the worst winter on 2010 and i did ask a few people around Sheffield how was it and they were like-

"The worst one ever"

"Shit just gotten worse, mate"

"It's cold, wet, and damp. Nobody wants to go out"

And etc, etc.

2011's winter so far is warm and fuzzy and most people are really grateful that snow didn't fall that much compared to last term; in which in the case of me and my friends- left frowning and sad of no white sparkly ice crystal falling down from the sky.

Sheffield, y u no snow?????


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