Friday, January 20, 2012

Bad Day

How worse could your day be?

Everyone usually have one of those totally bad days in their lives. Probably once in a while, or maybe two.

Well today wasn't a day to be as today was that day where I experience one of the worst days of my life.


Actually, it would be like any normal day, unless if I didn't sat for the wrong set for exams and wasted precious amount of time. Personally, the exam wasn't really that hard, but I didn't managed to answer them all since I got my time really restricted due to exchange of talks, papers and some investigations with  the invigilators to get myself my actual exam paper.

It was from my own mistake really, since I queued up kinda late to put my bag at the cloakroom and didn't check my papers thereafter when I've entered the exam hall.

Feeling kinda depressed about it though, just wanted to let it out and hopefully i could forget this silly day and pretend that nothing happened.

Where's that cadbury chocolate bar at times when you really need one?

And why at times like these i gotta fuck it all up?

Sigh. I''ll get over it soon enough. Pretty soon.


mahmudah said...

cheer up dude! every cloud has a silver lining aye. go to nearest store n get your cadburyy. bury the sadnesss

Buzz said...

thanks mud!! mungkin ad hikmah di sebalik musibah ni..hehe. hopefully everything goes well. life has been really tough..@.@

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