Monday, September 26, 2011

Sheffield 1.0

Sheffield is a nice city.

It's clean, vibrant and peaceful. (And quite cold too)

My first week has been pleasant though and if only I wasn't sick, it would've been much more nicer. There's a lot of things i wanted to do this weekend, but I couldn't since asthma came knocking.

It's been a while now since I've been asthma attacked. Oh well. It's the time of the year again I suppose.

The first thing that i've noticed here in the UK is that when you enter a building, a car, or a bus, they wont open the aircond but instead just close it down and open the heater.

It's different there in when you enter the shopping mall-

"Ahhh..finally. Aircond!!"

But, here in the UK-

"Ahhh..finally. Heatt!!"

It's damn cold here at the UK, and it's autumn. It's not even winter yet. Autumn is like 15-17 degree's celcius and try to imagine your aircond is open 24 hours at the lowest temperature setting (usually 16 degrees)- that is how cold it is like outside.

You're crazy if you wear shorts and slippers.

Another thing that i've noticed is that, the cost of living here in the UK is low compared to Malaysia. Let me give you guys an example,

A bar of snickers is like only 50p here in the UK and RM3 in Malaysia.

If a family earns 1000 pounds at the UK and RM1000 at Malaysia, you can easily guess that in the UK, you can buy more snickers bar.

Just a rough example though. I know that if you earn like RM10000 at KL it is still insufficient.

Clothes are really cheap here. You can get t-shirts at 2-3 pounds each and if you ride a taxi, you could bring atleast 6 people in- where you could usually bring 4 people inside a taxi at Malaysia.

Oh ya, i'm staying at the university hall at Endcliffe, which is a lil bit expensive and i've met my flatmates, 4 from the UK, 1 from Canada, and 3 Malaysians (including me). Everyone seems to be very friendly and easy going, though I really need some time to adjust myself with the british accent.

I'll post up some pictures of my room and flat soon! ;) (Room is a bit messy, so yeah..)

And it's been more than a week now since i've eaten rice..

I really miss rice..T.T

P:S// Most of the pictures here are taken with my samsung galaxy s plus!!! It's been a while since i've got a handy phone camera to tag along with me. =P.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Photo Sharing: 28

Can you find any place where you could see a "big penis" outside of the window?

Sheffield, ofcourse. Haha.

Everything is so lively and crazy here. I'll post updates soon! Still have to settle down as quickly as possible!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Goodbye Malaysia, Hello Sheffield!

P:S// Sorry, this post was meant to be posted before my flight to the UK- nevertheless, i hope you guys enjoy reading! (Btw, I've arrived in Sheffield!)

It's tomorrow.

As much as I anticipate my flight to London, there's no denying that butterflies are constantly up there in my stomach everytime I think about leaving.

This week was an adventure itself, started with some pre-departure briefings where I received lots of money- and it's not even mine. It's the taxpayers money that's been "invested" in the hope that I could bring some new knowledge in terms of experience, ideas and skills.

Exaggerating brat much.

I resisted on buying new gadgets, as I have all the gadgets that I need with me that I deem essential at the UK- but something went wrong yesterday, as I was pick pocketed and there goes my beloved sony walkman phone.

Fuck you pickpocket. Seriously. Die.

Andddddd so, there goes my budget plan. Have to buy a new phone by today!

Btw, Johnny English Reborn was fun, there's nothing like watching good ol' Mr. Bean at it's best-

"Making people laugh like crazy".

Ok. WTF am I talking about- Oh yeah, I'm gonna leave Malaysia tomorrow! I never knew that this day could come; or could happen but it did. I remembered very well that I saw a lot of my friends and people cried at the airport when me and my friends sent Lee to the airport for his flight.

I've packed my stuffs and my bags are full with clothes, some gadgets, laptop, books and ofcourse;

A few Malaysian flavor.

I hope that I don't get homesick.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Saying- Goodbye.



And scared.

These 3 emotions are currently in my mind these few days and headaches are occasionally apparent signaling high level of stress and thinking.

Saying goodbye, to your hometown, friends and families are never easy.

And add to the fact of those challenges in studying, sleeping and eating abroad- obviously it's fucked up.

As I try to smile and embracing a new chapter in my life, it up.

My mind is not particularly ready for such crazy thoughts and I'm having mixed feelings of waving goodbye. (To Laksa, Mee Kolok and ABC)

When I was studying in school, I never thought of studying knew it's nearly impossible for me to achieve that.

Ok, bullshit. I made that up. In school, studying abroad has always been in my mind and there's no lying to the fact that back then, it feels so.. intriguing, fun and is full of excitement.

But now..

Seriously I don't know how to express this kind of feeling. The feeling of saying goodbye to my beloved hometown- friends, and families.

Here, I would like to thank everybody who always gave me their support towards me- no matter big or small, whom stayed there for me in time of despair, and joy.

I never felt that saying goodbye could end up in tears.

Now I do.

Uh-oh..headache again---

Damn!! Never felt this sad before in my whole life!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Raya 2011

Sorry for the late raya post- been busy within these few weeks..haha.

It's almost 15 days of raya and i'll be honest with you guys-

I've gained 3kgs one the first week of raya alone!!

It took me like a month to shed 5kgs of bodymass during Ramadhan and yes, I do think that gaining weight is a hell lot easier than losing.

Masa puasa makan sikit..time raya makan banyak!! Hehe

So. How was my Raya?

Duit raya. Well..I can say it was a pretty decent amount..thanks to my families who's given it! For the past few year I always spent my duit raya recklessly. This year, i'm just going to bank in all those money and save.

Pretty frugal, no?

Since this would be my last raya as a "teenager" (next year i'm I spent most of the day visiting my friends; and my families. Ate rendang, ayam masak kurma, kari kambing, satay, laksa, biscuits and layer cakes non stop! Not forgetting those carbonated drinks too.

Heh, no wonder I've gained 3kg's in a week! I drove all the way to Samarahan, BDC, Depo and Semariang to visit a few of my friends here in Kuching and if I miss any, sorry! There's a lot of houses for me to come by and visit..>.<

It's been a pleasure spending time with you guys..i'll surely miss those memories..

Anyways, my raya clothes were all very shabby as I bought some pants and shorts..and only two shirts. Well, I've bought a new pair of sneakers though, since my almost 3 year old puma sneakers are getting tighter on my feet.

Adidas originals brown sneakers. Pretty cool eh?

Bought them at Parkson at Spring rather than Lea Centre since I could get a free RM10 voucher for every purchase of RM150 and above.

I'll definitely miss my village here in's the place that I grew up..get to know a lot of good friends and did a hell lot of crazy stuffs.

There's no place like home..

How's your raya? Do you miss the raya food already? =P

I know I do.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sarawak Vs Kelantan- Crocs were drowned.

As much as I love raya, I think, when it comes to football, it's a love-hate relationship.

Love- when your team wins.

Hate- when your team loses.

But, hate is a strong I guess, "disappointed" would be more ideal.


It was Sarawak, runners up of the 2nd premier league division against the champions of the Malaysian super league, Kelantan.

Sarawak vs Kelantan.

Fiesty match.

I expected the stadium to be not that full..maybe around 10k people..but, a whopping 30k came to watch the crocs live at Stadium Negeri Sarawak (kudo's for the support!!)- there was quite a jam as there were lots of cars coming from all directions to the stadium.

Everyone was anticipating the match with anxious and glee.

Polis pun banyak untung hari tok..byk saman kenak berik..haha.

Anyways, the game was a total sell-out and the stadium is very very lively. During the 1st half, Sarawak played very well..but, Sarawak's rhythm was a bit disoriented when Kelantan scored the 1st goal from Shahrul Talaha.

Some of the Sarawakian supporters were very funny.. especially those crazy ones (who yells funny quotes)..just love the home crowds.

Everytime when the Kelantan players touched the Sarawakian players..


The supporters chanted. And..when there's a corner..


As a football fan though, ofcourse you can cheer and jeer any teams that you want..and, there's limits. Somehow there's this Kelantan supporter, who sat among the Sarawakian fans and acted kinda "stupidly" during the 2nd half with his constant babbling and ragging of the Sarawakian team.

Seriously man, you're killing yourself. You're like a single deer with a gazillions of tigers in a zoo. Kalau lu nak support Kelantan pun, bagi la respect skit kat home fans, okay?

Ni tak,

1st goal kelantan, menjerit macam babi tercekik pisang.


and come the 2nd goal-

"HOI..BALIK LA..BALIK...JUM LA BALIKKKK!!!" (and other mockings towards the Sarawakian team)

The home crowd are getting pissed off and you're trying to make us more pissed? You're so gonna get it dude.

I mean, if you're a football fan and supporting the away team, it's okay to cheer for your team but not over exaggerate it, especially when you see there's a ton of home supporters by your side. (That's suicide, man)

The night went more spicier when fans got angry by throwing explosives (such as airbom) into the field (and towards the police, rela)..and it is, VERY, VERY DANGEROUS.

It was a night to remember, especially when that disrespectful supporter got beaten up (for a short while) and honestly, although i'm against bullying other people-

I guess he kinda deserved it.

P:S// Hopefully that no such things occur in the near future and it was great to see a lot of people came to support the local team! :). Again, kudos! (Good play by Kelantan btw..they were very composed under pressure and played some neat touches and football).

Saturday, September 3, 2011

New Blogger Interface

I've been a really big fan of blogger and i've been using blogger's service for almost 2 years now. The old interface is user-friendly and easy to use. 

But now, blogger has introduced their new interface which looks seriously cool and modern. Posting new blog posts seems more intuitive and manageable. (Detailed stats on every posts are very much welcomed). 

Thumbs up for blogger for the change- hopefully blogging could be much more fun! =) (Those white backgrounds really makes my eyes tired for a while)

P:S// As much as i love blogger, I hope that one day blogger has nice cool templates like wordpress does. Hehe.
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