Monday, September 26, 2011

Sheffield 1.0

Sheffield is a nice city.

It's clean, vibrant and peaceful. (And quite cold too)

My first week has been pleasant though and if only I wasn't sick, it would've been much more nicer. There's a lot of things i wanted to do this weekend, but I couldn't since asthma came knocking.

It's been a while now since I've been asthma attacked. Oh well. It's the time of the year again I suppose.

The first thing that i've noticed here in the UK is that when you enter a building, a car, or a bus, they wont open the aircond but instead just close it down and open the heater.

It's different there in when you enter the shopping mall-

"Ahhh..finally. Aircond!!"

But, here in the UK-

"Ahhh..finally. Heatt!!"

It's damn cold here at the UK, and it's autumn. It's not even winter yet. Autumn is like 15-17 degree's celcius and try to imagine your aircond is open 24 hours at the lowest temperature setting (usually 16 degrees)- that is how cold it is like outside.

You're crazy if you wear shorts and slippers.

Another thing that i've noticed is that, the cost of living here in the UK is low compared to Malaysia. Let me give you guys an example,

A bar of snickers is like only 50p here in the UK and RM3 in Malaysia.

If a family earns 1000 pounds at the UK and RM1000 at Malaysia, you can easily guess that in the UK, you can buy more snickers bar.

Just a rough example though. I know that if you earn like RM10000 at KL it is still insufficient.

Clothes are really cheap here. You can get t-shirts at 2-3 pounds each and if you ride a taxi, you could bring atleast 6 people in- where you could usually bring 4 people inside a taxi at Malaysia.

Oh ya, i'm staying at the university hall at Endcliffe, which is a lil bit expensive and i've met my flatmates, 4 from the UK, 1 from Canada, and 3 Malaysians (including me). Everyone seems to be very friendly and easy going, though I really need some time to adjust myself with the british accent.

I'll post up some pictures of my room and flat soon! ;) (Room is a bit messy, so yeah..)

And it's been more than a week now since i've eaten rice..

I really miss rice..T.T

P:S// Most of the pictures here are taken with my samsung galaxy s plus!!! It's been a while since i've got a handy phone camera to tag along with me. =P.


Didie Dayana Ismail said...

OMG! best nyaaa..but at the same time rasa sedih juak because dah jaoh dr familiaaa :(( keep on updating new post bazil ^_^

Safri Anugerah Illahi said...

bro, ko nang stedei laa, respek!! salu2 la update blog ko tok k! ku ctok salu jak prektis k british accent, kononnya nampak lebh kool~ hahahah

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