Sunday, September 11, 2011

Saying- Goodbye.



And scared.

These 3 emotions are currently in my mind these few days and headaches are occasionally apparent signaling high level of stress and thinking.

Saying goodbye, to your hometown, friends and families are never easy.

And add to the fact of those challenges in studying, sleeping and eating abroad- obviously it's fucked up.

As I try to smile and embracing a new chapter in my life, it up.

My mind is not particularly ready for such crazy thoughts and I'm having mixed feelings of waving goodbye. (To Laksa, Mee Kolok and ABC)

When I was studying in school, I never thought of studying knew it's nearly impossible for me to achieve that.

Ok, bullshit. I made that up. In school, studying abroad has always been in my mind and there's no lying to the fact that back then, it feels so.. intriguing, fun and is full of excitement.

But now..

Seriously I don't know how to express this kind of feeling. The feeling of saying goodbye to my beloved hometown- friends, and families.

Here, I would like to thank everybody who always gave me their support towards me- no matter big or small, whom stayed there for me in time of despair, and joy.

I never felt that saying goodbye could end up in tears.

Now I do.

Uh-oh..headache again---

Damn!! Never felt this sad before in my whole life!


I'm Farsilla said...

dont b sad bazil. its sumthing different in life no matter wat :) all the best

Kak la

Elisha Batuncang said...

Goodbye Bazil. All the best with your studies there!

Anonymous said...

baaaaaazzzzziiillllll..gud luck d cnun lak ea :))

lebot said...

gud luck Bazil.. :D

Didie Dayana Ismail said...

gud luck di UK lak. boh lupak MICET! cant wait to read ur upcoming entry when ur totally typing as a Sheffield student^_^

aleen aiden said...

hu3,kamu bertabahla ye. ^_*

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