Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Goodbye Malaysia, Hello Sheffield!

P:S// Sorry, this post was meant to be posted before my flight to the UK- nevertheless, i hope you guys enjoy reading! (Btw, I've arrived in Sheffield!)

It's tomorrow.

As much as I anticipate my flight to London, there's no denying that butterflies are constantly up there in my stomach everytime I think about leaving.

This week was an adventure itself, started with some pre-departure briefings where I received lots of money- and it's not even mine. It's the taxpayers money that's been "invested" in the hope that I could bring some new knowledge in terms of experience, ideas and skills.

Exaggerating brat much.

I resisted on buying new gadgets, as I have all the gadgets that I need with me that I deem essential at the UK- but something went wrong yesterday, as I was pick pocketed and there goes my beloved sony walkman phone.

Fuck you pickpocket. Seriously. Die.

Andddddd so, there goes my budget plan. Have to buy a new phone by today!

Btw, Johnny English Reborn was fun, there's nothing like watching good ol' Mr. Bean at it's best-

"Making people laugh like crazy".

Ok. WTF am I talking about- Oh yeah, I'm gonna leave Malaysia tomorrow! I never knew that this day could come; or could happen but it did. I remembered very well that I saw a lot of my friends and people cried at the airport when me and my friends sent Lee to the airport for his flight.

I've packed my stuffs and my bags are full with clothes, some gadgets, laptop, books and ofcourse;

A few Malaysian flavor.

I hope that I don't get homesick.


syaEYRA said...

wahhh, good luck :)

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