Saturday, September 3, 2011

New Blogger Interface

I've been a really big fan of blogger and i've been using blogger's service for almost 2 years now. The old interface is user-friendly and easy to use. 

But now, blogger has introduced their new interface which looks seriously cool and modern. Posting new blog posts seems more intuitive and manageable. (Detailed stats on every posts are very much welcomed). 

Thumbs up for blogger for the change- hopefully blogging could be much more fun! =) (Those white backgrounds really makes my eyes tired for a while)

P:S// As much as i love blogger, I hope that one day blogger has nice cool templates like wordpress does. Hehe.


Assumpta said...

I don't like at all the new interface.

Is very important in catalan language the possibility to use the apostrophe (punctuation mark) in LABELS.
In the traditional interface it was possible and now I have LOT OF labels with apostrophe... and I don't want to change them.

This is a problem... I can't understand this sort of changes that mean problems for the users.

There are also problems to change the hour when a writing wants to be programmed.

The new interface is a real disaster

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