Friday, September 9, 2011

Raya 2011

Sorry for the late raya post- been busy within these few weeks..haha.

It's almost 15 days of raya and i'll be honest with you guys-

I've gained 3kgs one the first week of raya alone!!

It took me like a month to shed 5kgs of bodymass during Ramadhan and yes, I do think that gaining weight is a hell lot easier than losing.

Masa puasa makan sikit..time raya makan banyak!! Hehe

So. How was my Raya?

Duit raya. Well..I can say it was a pretty decent amount..thanks to my families who's given it! For the past few year I always spent my duit raya recklessly. This year, i'm just going to bank in all those money and save.

Pretty frugal, no?

Since this would be my last raya as a "teenager" (next year i'm I spent most of the day visiting my friends; and my families. Ate rendang, ayam masak kurma, kari kambing, satay, laksa, biscuits and layer cakes non stop! Not forgetting those carbonated drinks too.

Heh, no wonder I've gained 3kg's in a week! I drove all the way to Samarahan, BDC, Depo and Semariang to visit a few of my friends here in Kuching and if I miss any, sorry! There's a lot of houses for me to come by and visit..>.<

It's been a pleasure spending time with you guys..i'll surely miss those memories..

Anyways, my raya clothes were all very shabby as I bought some pants and shorts..and only two shirts. Well, I've bought a new pair of sneakers though, since my almost 3 year old puma sneakers are getting tighter on my feet.

Adidas originals brown sneakers. Pretty cool eh?

Bought them at Parkson at Spring rather than Lea Centre since I could get a free RM10 voucher for every purchase of RM150 and above.

I'll definitely miss my village here in's the place that I grew up..get to know a lot of good friends and did a hell lot of crazy stuffs.

There's no place like home..

How's your raya? Do you miss the raya food already? =P

I know I do.


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