Saturday, November 26, 2011

Sheffield 1.81

I've promised my readers that I would show you guys my room and around my flat here in Sheffield and today I cleaned everything- cupboards, trash cans, bed and toilet. Since it's clean, here's a few pictures of my room. Not really that tidy though, but really comfy.

Im not going to show you my toilet since i've just finished washing up a few of my apparently my boxers are still hanging around in there. Lol.

Here's some few pictures of the kitchen and lounge during my early months in Sheffield.

So anyways, it's almost 2 months now staying in Sheffield and to be honest, I really do miss Malaysia a lot. Well i'm pretty sure a lot of other Malaysian students who's studying abroad are missing Malaysia as well, right?

Nothing feels like home, really.

The weather here is getting colder and colder each day. I've never experience such cold weather before and yeah, winter kinda sucks though..ITS TOO COLD!! Probably the best part of winter is snow..but it's not snowing yet in Sheffield and i'm hoping to make myself a snowman with a penis once snow starts pouring down in Sheffield.

I mean, you go to class in the morning at 9am, and at 4pm, it's total darkness. I wonder how's Summer though. Probably during Summer i'll write another post saying Summer sucks. Hahah.

Im just kidding.

So, everyweek in Sheffield, I do the same stuffs almost everyday. Going to class, lectures, tutorials, study, cook, eat at popeyes and crowns pizza and that occasional football 5 or 7 a side at All Saints. I wanted to travel around but at this moment money is really an obstacle since the rent for staying in halls is bloody expensive. Maybe i'm only going to London this winter break.

Somehow I do still think that I should hang around more with my flatmates and have fun with them. But sometimes i'm not really sure myself what to do, talk and say with/to them. It takes time to settle down here though. Not sure if im settled down yet. Probably yes, probably not.

Neverthless, I love them. =P (They've decorated the kitchen with a Christmas tree and pardon about the mess)

One thing I found outstanding here in UK is their online shopping experience. It's really damn good. Lots of choices, lots of discounts and no hassle or whatsoever. Me and my friends bought two bicycles recently and both of them were kinda faulty so we called them to get an exchange and they sent a courier for us to pick the bicycle up. Luck was not really on our side regarding about the bike but if you're in Malaysia, hell's break loose if you get a faulty bicycle. I doubt they'll send a courier over to get the bicycle fixed or an exchange.

"Basikal rosak? Ahhh..sorry. There's nothing we can do about it though,"

There was once, when I bought a guitar hero bundle and got the receiver missing, and they gave me a partial refund (10 pounds), so that I could buy the receiver myself, but instead I got it free from Activision! How cool is that?

They really care about their customers. That bit, Malaysia has to really improve on.

Still, I miss Malaysia.

Nak baliklah..makan Laksa Sarawak!!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Emotions #1

As tears rolled down these cheeks of mine,
Disheartened, disappointed, outwitted, lost,
I thought to myself,
Why oh why, life, you're always a big block,
An obstacle to my goals, and achievements.

Though I prefer to be alone,
But never I reject the side of companionship,
The feeling, the sight of a friend on your half,
Making you smile, cared, and loved.
It thens goes miles away scorching, friendship,
Is rarely kept warm and intact.

Emotions are running high through my veins,
Feelings, they come and go, but never pain,
Deep down inside, that pain, that hurts so much,
Never could be healed, nor told.
Weep as much as I could, it wouldn't erase that pain away.

One push is all I need,
Don't worry, a step taken aback wouldn't hurt,
As wounded I may be, as blind my eyes could see,
As my anger cripples down to my guts,
And as self belief seems to be draining out all over,
I will,

Bazil, 17 November, 2011

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sleep Problem?

Sometimes on that certain night I could get very restless. I couldn't get my eyes to close and put my mind to sleep.

If that problem creeps in, i'll make sure that i'll open, a site where you could listen to raindrops and some rainstorm sounds that could enlighten your brain to get that deserved shut eye.

Sapa tak suka tido time hujan kat Malaysia memang tipulah.

Give it a try. Lie on your bed. Switch on/open your fan/aircond/window or whatever, and open I bet in 5 minute's you'll be transferring yourself to dreamland.

P:S// Ok, im feeling so Malaysian when im trying to sleep while listening some raindrop and rainstorms sound..the rain here in the UK is very much different in Malaysia. It's dry, quiet and doesn't wet that much. Oh waii

Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Nottingham Malaysian Games 2011

They say that it was the biggest Malaysian sports event in the UK.

I say..


The Nottingham games has a lot to offer for us, students, such as futsal, netball, basketball, volleyball, ping pong, badminton, lightning chess, scrabble and surprisingly, congkak and batu seremban. There was no tennis and football though, which I was a bit disappointed since tennis is a very popular sport. (I could've participated!)

Oh well, beggars can't be choosers, no? Our bus trip was only one hour from Sheffield and I was quite surprised to see a few from Dublin who came to join the games. 100++ pounds for a return flight yaww.

Majulah Sukan Untuk Negara.

I didn't watch all the games offered though but futsal, basketball and badminton games were really knee jerkers- with high intense action, especially in the futsal final match, in which Sheffield thumped Manchester 2-0. During the match, one Manchester player got red carded and slapped the referee where I thought it was really unnecessary and poor sportsmanship.

"You did two bad tackles and complain about your red card? Ni nak tampar referee plak. Chill la bro"

I met a lot of friends at Nottingham but sadly couldn't grab a picture or two with them since the moment when I meet them were kinda....awkward, like:

1. Im going inside the bus, a friend going outside the bus.
2. Im going inside a toilet, a friend going outside the toilet.
3. Im going outside for lunch, a friend going inside for his game.

And etc, etc..but still it was nice to meet all my friends although it was only for a brief period. The highlights for the Nottingham games were ofcourse the Malaysian food festival, where authentic dishes from Malaysia were served to satisfy our craving for Malaysian foods!

FYI, apam balik costs 2.50 pounds here..hahah. Anyways, here are some pics from the food festival, the games and the trip. :p

I hope you readers enjoy the pictures!

Next up, Sheffield Games 2012!!!

This time, i'm sure to participate. Hahah.

P:S// Again, congratulations to Sheffield Uni in winning the futsal gold medals and Hilmi for his bronze in ping pong! :D

P:S:S// Ramai awek ooo kat Nottinghammmm...lolololloll and thanks for the food, NTU!! Rendang sangat sedap!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Photo Sharing: 29

This is what happens in Sheffield if you're such a noisy neighbour, or is this way too much exaggeration?

I wonder what noises were at 2am that time...hmmmmm...fascinating.

Oh well, whatever.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Malaysian Cars In Sheffield! (And some other places too)

I still find it ridiculous regarding 300% tax on imported cars by our government. A BMW which costs RM100k here in the UK would cost you RM400k in Malaysia. As stupid as the sound of it, Malaysian still insists on buying these cars and don't mind paying 300% tax.

Malaysians are rich.

I'm a cheapskate, so i'd rather take a hybrid car which has less tax and is more fuel economic. I'm not giving a stick at the way our government tax our cars (bless the subsidized oils- or else it would be havoc in Malaysia now) but rather, as cheap as german made BMW, home fresh Mini or the Italian Ferrari, you could still see a few "Malaysian" cars here in the UK.

Talk about pride. Lol.

(Malaysian cars here are much more expensive than a Mini..serious!!)




Faiz Taiyoob with a Wira

And Savvy

Hmm. Somehow I haven't seen any modern proton and perodua cars yet like Inspira, Persona or Alza. Nevertheless, makes you feel very proud if you see one of these at a foreign country!

FYI, taxi's here use Audi! (A very sportish and cool one too; like the Audi A4). =P

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