Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sleep Problem?

Sometimes on that certain night I could get very restless. I couldn't get my eyes to close and put my mind to sleep.

If that problem creeps in, i'll make sure that i'll open rainymood.com, a site where you could listen to raindrops and some rainstorm sounds that could enlighten your brain to get that deserved shut eye.

Sapa tak suka tido time hujan kat Malaysia memang tipulah.

Give it a try. Lie on your bed. Switch on/open your fan/aircond/window or whatever, and open rainymood.com. I bet in 5 minute's you'll be transferring yourself to dreamland.

P:S// Ok, im feeling so Malaysian when im trying to sleep while listening some raindrop and rainstorms sound..the rain here in the UK is very much different in Malaysia. It's dry, quiet and doesn't wet that much. Oh waii


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