Thursday, November 17, 2011

Emotions #1

As tears rolled down these cheeks of mine,
Disheartened, disappointed, outwitted, lost,
I thought to myself,
Why oh why, life, you're always a big block,
An obstacle to my goals, and achievements.

Though I prefer to be alone,
But never I reject the side of companionship,
The feeling, the sight of a friend on your half,
Making you smile, cared, and loved.
It thens goes miles away scorching, friendship,
Is rarely kept warm and intact.

Emotions are running high through my veins,
Feelings, they come and go, but never pain,
Deep down inside, that pain, that hurts so much,
Never could be healed, nor told.
Weep as much as I could, it wouldn't erase that pain away.

One push is all I need,
Don't worry, a step taken aback wouldn't hurt,
As wounded I may be, as blind my eyes could see,
As my anger cripples down to my guts,
And as self belief seems to be draining out all over,
I will,

Bazil, 17 November, 2011


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