Sunday, November 6, 2011

Malaysian Cars In Sheffield! (And some other places too)

I still find it ridiculous regarding 300% tax on imported cars by our government. A BMW which costs RM100k here in the UK would cost you RM400k in Malaysia. As stupid as the sound of it, Malaysian still insists on buying these cars and don't mind paying 300% tax.

Malaysians are rich.

I'm a cheapskate, so i'd rather take a hybrid car which has less tax and is more fuel economic. I'm not giving a stick at the way our government tax our cars (bless the subsidized oils- or else it would be havoc in Malaysia now) but rather, as cheap as german made BMW, home fresh Mini or the Italian Ferrari, you could still see a few "Malaysian" cars here in the UK.

Talk about pride. Lol.

(Malaysian cars here are much more expensive than a Mini..serious!!)




Faiz Taiyoob with a Wira

And Savvy

Hmm. Somehow I haven't seen any modern proton and perodua cars yet like Inspira, Persona or Alza. Nevertheless, makes you feel very proud if you see one of these at a foreign country!

FYI, taxi's here use Audi! (A very sportish and cool one too; like the Audi A4). =P


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