Friday, April 27, 2012

Ngerepak: 2

Aku ingat gik time dolok-

Bangun pagi- pkl 6, kakya sambung tido balit 5minit gia, then bangun gik.

Nang liatlah mok bangun. Ne nak, skolah start pkl 7. Pegi mandik, berus gigi, smayang, makan then nait kreta pegi blaja. Setiap ari lalu Pawada kat Astana..beli newspaper depan suro Was Catering..lalu traffic kat bulatan Petronas area Matang sinun..lalu Satok..Sugarbun..lekak ya lintas tepi jalan jejantas kat St. Teresa.

Mun ari Sabtu boh padah, kadang2 mun sikda nasib nait sampan pegi kelas KK.

Datang lambat kenak dimerit. Aku rasa nama aku dolok antara nama paling banyak kenak dimerit sebab datang lambat. Lejuk sidak pengawas nanga muka ku itok hampe setiap ari datang lambat. Rumah jaoh..camne nak molah.

Masok kelas, engkah beg, mun datang awal sambung tido jap mun ngantok. Mun sik pegi kat flat polis beli nasik lemak. Dolok 50sen. Ada jak orang disuroh pake beli nasik lemak..dahla nyaman, murah. Aku suka ngan ikan masin nya..tang crispy jak rasa.

Dalam kelas siktauklah pa nak dipolah. Nang boring. Lagik2lah kelas BM, BI, Geografi and SEJARAH. Antara kelas paling ngantok and boring penah ku lalui. 5 tahun blaja Sejarah, sik penah dapat A time exam kecuali SPM..nang magic ku madah. Nang magic.

Time form 4 ngan form 5 dolok aku rajin mbak bol time PJ. Cikgu salu berik bol licak ngan pancit setiap kali mekorang mok main bol. Main bol kat padang juak best. Dapat sliding, molah freekick, ngan belipat. Nasiblah mun lipat kenak bol. Tapi salunya lipat kenak palak orang.

Paling ku bencik time PJ dolok is stretching. Ku siktauk pahal tapi aku angol..haha. Mun boleh time PJ dapat bol terus sepak. No kompromi. Sikda pike2 gik. Mun sik mbak baju spare pake main bol nang mampuslah, terpaksa kenak denda kutip sampah tepi longkang skolah..mun nasib bait cikgu suroh main..tapi mun main baju nang basah kuyup la..bau peluh all the way!

Aku rasa time molah experiment dekat skolah lah paling epic. Nektok blaja kat uni molah report sakit. Melu mike pasal plagiarism. Setiap perkataan yg diambik perlu direference and quote-kan; tapi time polah report experiment chemistry, biology or physics- aku rasa 99.999999% of the students tiru sebijik kedak report buku Sasbadi, Oxford ngan Pelangi.

Come to think of it-

I miss School.

Sik perlu gago pasal meniru!!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Sunday, April 22, 2012

SlimKicker App- Get Motivated!

I don't consider myself as fat- but, as some people call it, just right; not too fat, or not too thin.

I did think of getting buff a few months ago but yeah, with no constant training and motivation, i've left that dream going off the trail and let it sail.

Motivation plays an important role in getting that perfect body or to put it simply, getting fit and staying in shape for good health. Recently, I've registered myself to SlimKicker, an app (which you could download to your Iphone/Ipod or just log online at their website) that turns your diet and weight loss goals into a winnable level-up game!

You guys can check out the tour if you find it interesting. I just love the interface of the dashboard- simple and clean. Check out the challenges page and challenge yourself to- (these are three challenges that i'm currently doing)

  • No Snacks After Dinner
  • Replace Soda Challenge
  • A Salad A Day..and etc

There's also the Rewards page where you could reward yourself if you level up. Howbout a cheat meal if I get level 2? KFC fried chicken sounds nice for a cheat meal, no? 

They are a lot of other things that you can explore at SlimKicker- you can join a group, meet new friends, check out your daily nutrition intake and exercise stats, blog about what you did or ate and read all the healthy recipes that other member's have put up at SlimKicker.

Or if you guys are just plain lazy to do that final 10 crunches, don't fret, read all the inspirational posts by other users and get on with your exercise!

Register at now to get motivated and inspired- 


Photo Sharing: 38

Hanging out with friends is always fun, funny and funnnnnnnn!!

I miss my friends back home..

A lot.

Still another 3 months++ before I can get my ass away from Sheffield and be back home with family and friends.


Saturday, April 21, 2012

WWE- Live!!

3 days ago, one of my childhood dreams came true.

Watching wrestlers battling it out in a ring infront of thousands of fans, including me, myself and a few of my friends were a great experience indeed.

Though the rain did spoil the mood a lil bit during that day, but it didn't deter the thousands of WWE fans storming around at Sheffield Motorpoint Arena to watch their favourite WWE stars live, infront of their eyes.

It didn't disappoint, and to my amazement they were lots of young fans coming to attend the event compared to teenagers/adults.

Here's some of the photo's that i've snapped during the event. It's a bit blurry though since they were a lot of fog (effects at the ring, maybe?). Well, enjoy!

=.= for the last picture. Haha.

During the Randy Orton vs Kane- No Disqualification match, I was a bit disappointed though because the sound of chairshots doesn't sound like the one in TV. When Randy blasted Kane with the chair, somehow it sounded soft and cushioning. Sound effect ka bang?

Anyways, during the event, there was this time..during the diva match, where the special guest referee was a female..

Dad: Son, did you see that referee?
Son: Yea dad, it's a girl.
Dad: What do you notice about it?
Son: She got big *&*(#%)??!
Dad: YEAHHHHHH- that's my son!!

Now that's bad influence! LOL.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

SMACKDOWN!! Coming To Sheffield!!

I've always been a WWE fan since I was a kid and I still follow them up till now. It was called WWF like 10 years ago and there were a lot of competing brands like WCW and ECW which has a lot of pro wrestlers like WWF does.

I know that some of the wrestlers are acting- or as they call it, "storylines" but yeah, it is entertaining and I still very much love it everytime they slap that big right hand to that wrestlers chest and scream "WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" like Ric Flair.

Watching Jeff Hardy being chokeslammed by Kane, Triple-H tombstoned by Undertaker and Mankind being RKO-ed by Randy Orton on TV always brought smile on my face (just because I love watching those finishing moves, not that im cruel..haha). Tonight, I'd be witnessing a no disqualification match between Kane and Randy Orton- which i'd be anticipating some agonizing chair shots on the back of Kane and some baseball bat swinging on the head of Randy Orton. Or vice versa.

It's like a dream come true for me to watch these guys with my own very eyes. Ahhh..time to take those markers and make some posters!

Austin 3:16 FTWW!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Cheesy Crispy Skin Potatoes

I was soooo hungry this afternoon and I don't know what to cook really. I wanted something simple, not too heavy and tasty to bite and swallow- so I cooked "Cheesy Crispy Skin Potatoes!"

It is made from baby potatoes and is actually very easy to cook. Here's my recipe in cooking it.

1st- Wash your potatoes and put them in a pot and let them boil for 15-20mins..(check the potatoes if its cooked by using a fork)
2nd- After the insides of the potatoes are soft, get them out and use a fork to make some holes at the potatoes.
3rd- Coat the potatoes with olives oil, but not too much..just a lil bit.
4th- Put the potatoes inside the oven for 20-25 mins (170-200 degrees celcius)
5th- When the skin is crispy, bring them out and heat a pan with lots of butter (your own preference) and salt to taste.
6th- After the butter is hot and boiled, put in the potatoes and stir them until its crispy brown.
And finally,
7th- Add toppings if you want, in my case..cheese and sweet chilli.


Your very own cheesy crispy skin potatoes!!

Update: I've got this reply from nazrul90..hahaha..scared the shit out of me..LOL!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Ditipu kat Pikom PC Fair..RAGEEE!!!

At first I was like..

"Kah3..padan muka!" And then I was like..

"Kesian gak mamat ni..seller penipu tahap gampang!! Mati la lu..diorang cari ko sampai ke lubang cacing!"

Pernah dengar ayat ni tak? "Seems too good to be true.." Memanglah, barang baik, harga murah meletup, sape taknak angkat; btol? Tapi sebelum beli kene la bijak- testing barang tu dulu..check2 komponen..tanye pasal warranty, supplier, etc2 just to make sure. Barang elektronik ni senang nak dicetak rompak, macam VCD/DVD kat Petaling Street.

Yang tak boleh blahnye penjual tu berniaga mase PC Fair..macam manela boleh ade seller scammer macam ni kat event PC Fair? Lagipun PC Fair bukannye ade papepon kadang2..barang biase je..takdela murah sangat. Lebih kurang je harga tapi bende ni tak patut berlaku lagi2la kat PC Fair..memang teruk.

Spanar dengan skru dalam hdd?! LOL!!!!

Picture source; /k/.

And from another blog-;

"A Russian friend of mine has posted this absolutely amazing story.

He works at a hard-drive repair center in a Russian town right next to the Chinese border. A couple of days ago a customer has brought a broken 500Gb USB-drive that he had bought in a Chinese store across the river, for an insanely low price. But the drive was not working: if you, say, save a movie onto the drive, playing the saved movie back resulted in replaying just the last 5 minutes of the film.

The whole service center was rolling on the floor laughing. This was not the first time someone has brought a disk like that. And the previous drives were also bought in China... They opened up the drive right in front of the astonished customer. This is what they saw:

It's a 128-MB flash-drive. Working in a "looped" mode - when it runs out of space, it starts overwriting from the beginning. My friend said they're still trying to figure out how did the Chinese do that. Because the drive reports "correct" file sizes and disk-capacity. And the "looped-overwriting" does not touch the other files present on the drive.

The device looks pretty convincing - lots of tech labels and stuff... The Chinese salesman even saved something to the drive to demonstrate that it "works" in the store."
So guys and girls out careful when you see something which is just too good to be true! It might be imitation- or worse-

Nuts and bolts.

P:S// No hard feelings for the buyer of the HDD, yeah? I also pernah kena con..that feeling..sad..sad indeed.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Photo Sharing: 37

I really miss this moment and this has to be my highlight during my school year. Lugging my camera around to snap photo's of students inside and outside the class was fun. Managed to chip in a couple of hundred bucks as well in selling photo's! Not bad.

Had the best juniors and friends to work with, pleasant memories indeed.

Wished that I snapped more photos and didn't overload my dad's laptop when I was working (ended up jeopardizing the laptop and had to be formatted- lost like thousands of photos!) or else I could treasure those moments and keep them in a frame to keep them forever.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Aku Takut..

Dengan Roller Coaster!!

So first week of easter break ended with me cycling, sleeping, reading, cycling, sleeping, reading and to Alton Towers, one of the biggest theme park in UK.

To be honest, I kinda hate theme park. Probably fear is the best word instead of hate.

I still remember when I was in form 3, I went to Cosmo World, the indoor themepark at Times Square, KL and ended up vomiting at the spin a rooney thingy. Tu belum lagi naik roller coaster beb.

Time aku nait roller coaster kat sunway lagoon and main benda kapal pusin2 ya pun aku dah angol. Pening abis palak ku- but i braved myself to play those sickening rides at Alton Towers; managed to ride 4 roller coasters before fading myself to black zone. Oblivion is the scariest ride ever.

So yeah I chickened up and ended myself sleeping and weeping at the paramedics, but still, I've took two videos of me and my friends riding up the roller coaster. I'll show you guys a few video, but the 2nd roller coaster ride (at Oblivion) video is not worth mentioning, sebab kantoi tangkap video time ride. Haha.

I didn't took many pictures tho, since I was too nauseous to walk and about. Here's some of the pics and videos that i've took during the occasion.

Alton Towers is huge! I dont think you can play all the rides in a day though. But if given the chance to go to Alton Towers for the second time, would I'd like to play on all these scary rides again? 

Ummmm..taktawlah. Haha. Wished we had more time to play all the rides and if only I didn't get all frightened up it would've been an amazing experience at Alton Towers! =P

Water rides FTW!
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