Monday, April 2, 2012


Though i'm still a second year student and there's still a lot to be achieved in this university years, i've set myself a few goals in my university career and that is- getting an internship in the UK.

I've applied for a few internships already and I might be pushing my luck as i've just recently applied for an internship as a field engineer at Schlumberger, one of the most recognized company in the world.

I know that I might be getting like 3~5% chance of getting it, but yeah, there's a saying- "belum cuba, belum tahu". I'll be staying in the UK for 2 months during the summer vacation before going back to Malaysia to meet my friends and family and I want to make the most of these 2 months.

If I dont get any internships, I know i'll get a better chance next year and I wont be disheartened. You can't get everything that you want in life, and to get it you've gotta work hard for it.

And now i've gotta keep up with my studies and curricular activities to make sure that i'll get it- be it this year, next year, or the year after the next.



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