Saturday, April 21, 2012

WWE- Live!!

3 days ago, one of my childhood dreams came true.

Watching wrestlers battling it out in a ring infront of thousands of fans, including me, myself and a few of my friends were a great experience indeed.

Though the rain did spoil the mood a lil bit during that day, but it didn't deter the thousands of WWE fans storming around at Sheffield Motorpoint Arena to watch their favourite WWE stars live, infront of their eyes.

It didn't disappoint, and to my amazement they were lots of young fans coming to attend the event compared to teenagers/adults.

Here's some of the photo's that i've snapped during the event. It's a bit blurry though since they were a lot of fog (effects at the ring, maybe?). Well, enjoy!

=.= for the last picture. Haha.

During the Randy Orton vs Kane- No Disqualification match, I was a bit disappointed though because the sound of chairshots doesn't sound like the one in TV. When Randy blasted Kane with the chair, somehow it sounded soft and cushioning. Sound effect ka bang?

Anyways, during the event, there was this time..during the diva match, where the special guest referee was a female..

Dad: Son, did you see that referee?
Son: Yea dad, it's a girl.
Dad: What do you notice about it?
Son: She got big *&*(#%)??!
Dad: YEAHHHHHH- that's my son!!

Now that's bad influence! LOL.


Safri Ramle said...

AWESOME! untungla dapat tengok diva match~ HAHAHA

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