Thursday, April 12, 2012

Aku Takut..

Dengan Roller Coaster!!

So first week of easter break ended with me cycling, sleeping, reading, cycling, sleeping, reading and to Alton Towers, one of the biggest theme park in UK.

To be honest, I kinda hate theme park. Probably fear is the best word instead of hate.

I still remember when I was in form 3, I went to Cosmo World, the indoor themepark at Times Square, KL and ended up vomiting at the spin a rooney thingy. Tu belum lagi naik roller coaster beb.

Time aku nait roller coaster kat sunway lagoon and main benda kapal pusin2 ya pun aku dah angol. Pening abis palak ku- but i braved myself to play those sickening rides at Alton Towers; managed to ride 4 roller coasters before fading myself to black zone. Oblivion is the scariest ride ever.

So yeah I chickened up and ended myself sleeping and weeping at the paramedics, but still, I've took two videos of me and my friends riding up the roller coaster. I'll show you guys a few video, but the 2nd roller coaster ride (at Oblivion) video is not worth mentioning, sebab kantoi tangkap video time ride. Haha.

I didn't took many pictures tho, since I was too nauseous to walk and about. Here's some of the pics and videos that i've took during the occasion.

Alton Towers is huge! I dont think you can play all the rides in a day though. But if given the chance to go to Alton Towers for the second time, would I'd like to play on all these scary rides again? 

Ummmm..taktawlah. Haha. Wished we had more time to play all the rides and if only I didn't get all frightened up it would've been an amazing experience at Alton Towers! =P

Water rides FTW!


HardFever said...

wah rakam video even tengah main spinner tue?

Buzz said...

haah..tu ok je mase rakam..mase main kat ade satu lagi roller coaster..terkantoi tgh rakam..@@

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