Monday, April 16, 2012

Ditipu kat Pikom PC Fair..RAGEEE!!!

At first I was like..

"Kah3..padan muka!" And then I was like..

"Kesian gak mamat ni..seller penipu tahap gampang!! Mati la lu..diorang cari ko sampai ke lubang cacing!"

Pernah dengar ayat ni tak? "Seems too good to be true.." Memanglah, barang baik, harga murah meletup, sape taknak angkat; btol? Tapi sebelum beli kene la bijak- testing barang tu dulu..check2 komponen..tanye pasal warranty, supplier, etc2 just to make sure. Barang elektronik ni senang nak dicetak rompak, macam VCD/DVD kat Petaling Street.

Yang tak boleh blahnye penjual tu berniaga mase PC Fair..macam manela boleh ade seller scammer macam ni kat event PC Fair? Lagipun PC Fair bukannye ade papepon kadang2..barang biase je..takdela murah sangat. Lebih kurang je harga tapi bende ni tak patut berlaku lagi2la kat PC Fair..memang teruk.

Spanar dengan skru dalam hdd?! LOL!!!!

Picture source; /k/.

And from another blog-;

"A Russian friend of mine has posted this absolutely amazing story.

He works at a hard-drive repair center in a Russian town right next to the Chinese border. A couple of days ago a customer has brought a broken 500Gb USB-drive that he had bought in a Chinese store across the river, for an insanely low price. But the drive was not working: if you, say, save a movie onto the drive, playing the saved movie back resulted in replaying just the last 5 minutes of the film.

The whole service center was rolling on the floor laughing. This was not the first time someone has brought a disk like that. And the previous drives were also bought in China... They opened up the drive right in front of the astonished customer. This is what they saw:

It's a 128-MB flash-drive. Working in a "looped" mode - when it runs out of space, it starts overwriting from the beginning. My friend said they're still trying to figure out how did the Chinese do that. Because the drive reports "correct" file sizes and disk-capacity. And the "looped-overwriting" does not touch the other files present on the drive.

The device looks pretty convincing - lots of tech labels and stuff... The Chinese salesman even saved something to the drive to demonstrate that it "works" in the store."
So guys and girls out careful when you see something which is just too good to be true! It might be imitation- or worse-

Nuts and bolts.

P:S// No hard feelings for the buyer of the HDD, yeah? I also pernah kena con..that feeling..sad..sad indeed.


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