Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Your Definitive Guide For Kuching Travellers!! *Part 1*


I think i didn't update my blog for more than a week! Sorry peeps! Been busy these few days since my friends from the peninsular are coming over to stay at my place, and visit my home-


You know, I never really travelled the whole Kuching. The only place that I know was the *cough* Spring, Arena Sukan and KGS- since those are the places that I visit regularly for movies, futsal and tennis. I wished that I had the time, and a few friends to travel along and explore Kuching.

And, definitely, this is the perfect timing.

Totally perfect.

My friends had a limited budget, particularly around RM200 and they were staying for 6 days and 5 nights at Kuching. 6 days. And 5 nights. Fuck this. What do I have in store for them?

1st Day.

As the 3 of my friends arrived in Kuching, (Faris, Mat and Izhan), the first place that I've brought them were Swee Kang. Swee Kang is a very popular place to eat ice-kacang and rojak and is usually full during lunch hour and tea time. When we arrived, we had to wait a while to get some seats as they were fully seated with customers! We ordered the popular, White Lady, (RM2.70 a glass), a very sweet cocktail, with lots of fruits and jellies inside, and with a whip of milk.

There was this crispy tauhu and jellyfish rojak, which we added into our order; and it was very addictive to munch on. Money was truly well spent.

After enjoying those white ladies and rojak- our next destination was the Kuching Waterfront. Me and my friends used the boat or a.k.a Sampan from my kampung to cross the Sarawak river and the journey, much to my astonishment, was fun indeed. (It's been a very long time since i used the boat to go to the city; car was always the 1st option). The ride cost 50cents. During my school years it cost only 30cents and still, they are some passengers who reluctantly didn't pay the fares.

Crossing the Sarawak River ain't free, mate.

So. We strolled past the waterfront, chinatown, main bazaar and the old court house- nothing amazing there and we ate at John's Place for dinner. From my personal view, John's Place has the best Kuay Teow Kerang in town! (If you eat it with their sambal). I call it Kuay Teow Sambal btw. The paste (sambal) has this very hot, salty and fishy taste (almost similar to sambal nasi lemak) and very addictive, too. Order one Kuay Teow Sambal, and i'm sure you'll ask for more sambal! The Sotong Goreng Sambal ain't bad too.

John's place is located beside Harvour View Hotel. The place has lantern's up on their ceilings. Go check them out if u have the time! :)

After dinner, the four of us walked our way to the Medan Pelita building and went to the highest floor. The Medan Pelita was a very popular place to watch movies during back then..I still remembered I always went there to play arcades and 4WD mini tournaments.

At the highest floor, you could particularly see some parts Kuching City. Go during nighttime and appreciate those buzzing lights coming from the shoplots and streetlights of Kuching. Free of charge.

The 2nd day we went to visit the Jamek Mosque, located near the State Library of Sarawak for Friday Prayers. To those of you who craves for (the best) Sarawak Laksa and Mee Kolok, try visiting Ceria Cafe, opposite Choice Food at Satok and Sepinang Sari, beside Maybank at Satok builiding. To me they have the best Laksa and Kolok taste.  Hehe. After our Friday prayers, we went to visit the Civic centre, and visited the Dewan Suarah building.

There, you could use the lift and see the WHOLE CITY OF KUCHING. No kidding man. Better than the Medan Pelita view. Sad that seldom people visit here and besides, it's free of charge too. (It's off limits during nighttime btw).

Wisma Saberkas, the Sarawakian Lowyat- I call it, was the next destination. My friends wanted to take a look at it and this was their respond.

"Atleast it's better than Bukit Jambul"

Eeerrrr...yeah. Bukit Jambul. =.=

Okkkkk...soooooooo...after window shopping at the so called Sarawakian Lowyat, me and my friends head to the Permai Beach. 

At Permai, you could do a lot of fun activities such as kayaking, boating, trekking and lots more. It's a 30mins drive from Kuching and the entrance fee to the beach it RM5. RM4 if you bring ur student id along. =P. (Instead of going to the beach, first time Kuching travellers should go to the Kampung Budaya and experience the cultures of Sarawak! The tickets, for me, are quite expensive, RM60 for adults so me and friends decided to axe this spot.)

We wanted to play Kayaking at first and it costs RM20 an hour. To our disappointment, when we arrived at the beach, it was raining and the supervisor had to cancel all the kayaking activities and kayak equipment rentals. We brought a ball along though, so it wasn't that boring and met some new friends too, some fellow nigerians.

The beach was beautiful. I love the way the sea looks when I was swimming at the middle of the sea..very calm, and soothing. After having fun at the beach, we went to the jungle pool, located at the hilltop of the beach.

The 2nd day, ended with a dinner at Kampung Boyan. We ordered mee crispy hong kong, but it was finished, so we ordered some ordinary dishes like nasi ayam blackpepper, nasi goreng kampung and Izhan, who's the only one-

Ordered nasi Tsunami.

WTF? Looks like nasi pattaya with some kuah to me. Hahaha. =.="""

Part 1 ENDS.

*Part 2 Coming Up Soon!* Stay tuned!! ;)

P:S// I had fun with you guys, seriously. 

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Photo Sharing: 23

They say that a photo is worth a thousand words.

To me, a PRINTED photo, is worth a thousand memories.

How many of you guys usually print ur photo's? It's nice to have some printed photographs to look at..and embrace all the memories that you have inside the picture.

Looking at a photo on a computer screen however, makes you think,

"I need to change the contrast"

"Nanananana..too much photoshop!"

"Wha...? The colours are weird!"

and whatever.


Saturday, June 18, 2011


I think not many people in the internet knows the term-



In Internet slang, a troll is someone who posts inflammatory[citation needed]extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum, chat room, or blog, with the primary intent of provoking readers into an emotional response[2] or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.[3] The noun troll may refer to the provocative message itself, as in: "That was an excellent troll you posted". While the word troll and its associated verb trolling are associated with Internet discourse, media attention in recent years has made such labelssubjective, with trolling describing intentionally provocative actions outside of an online context. For example, mass media uses troll to describe "a person who defaces Internet tribute sites with the aim of causing grief to families."
I know you guys are lazy to read so here's one story, just for keeps. (read the troll comments, they're quite funny too).







P:S// I laughed the whole day thinking the guy must've been very unlucky to had those things happening to him. Poor guy. And sorry if this post offended you or anything. Just for laughs!! XD

Friday, June 17, 2011

Life- It's Like That.

I never knew that dream, could be a reality.

I was just a normal kampung boy, who once played with longkangs, played gudi, played seremban, followed the kampung's current trend- kreta dash, digimons, beyblades and crushgears. Swam the Sarawak river?

Occasionally, yes.

Come secondary school it turns out to be very exciting-

Hanging out with mat rempits, cikaro's and even mat pit was like any other normal day- they were funny, and no, i don't do those rempit, flirt and hisap dadah- its not my thang anyways. Cyber cafe's were like my 2nd home and I've spent a lot of my allowances given by my parents just to play games, especially Counter-Strike and Ragnarok.

I was willing to walk from my house, took a sampan ride to cross the Sarawak river and travel 40mins with my cousins to go to CC. Talk about commitment.

I was not smart in class I'll usually get number 20++ and I was only good in maths and science. I hate those geography and history classes- to me they were useless. I never get the idea of learning them as I had a very weak memory.

And there comes PMR, I only had 4A's..and 4B's..and compared with my mates..most of them got better results than me. I didn't complaint about my results and I thought I did okay. My parents gave me money, as a sign of motivation; RM400 if im not mistaken..and i used it to buy myself my first set of headphones..and a pair of football boots. (Very boros, huh?)

As form 4 started, life was gradually changing and that was when I've step into the world of teenagers.
Seeing my friends going to smart classes did made me a bit lonely as I didn't had those usual chats and laughters together. In form 4, too, i've started studying during evenings and weekends, at the state library.

Pustaka- tempat org blaja pake nge-up dirik..haha.

With hard work and preserverance- I've got 9A's in my SPM..a very big achievement from what I've got from PMR..everyone was shocked- including myself. I couldn't believe it. 9A's was like- WTF?!!

I've spent my SPM holidays in becoming an addmaths and maths teacher. The experience was totally unforgettable and it really taught me in how blessed I were to have a teacher in school.

I applied a lot of scholarships and sadly I've got none of it and I ended up studying at UiTM Shah Alam for my foundation course..and a month later, that was when I received a call, telling me that I've got the oppurnity to study overseas by MARA.

I met a lot of friends when I was at UiTM..I really miss them..especially my classmates and roommates..I cried when I leave was a place that I felt very comfortable with..tho there were only 2 Sarawakians for the whole foundation course.

Studying at Kolej MARA Kuala Nerang was different from UiTM and I've met a lot of friends too- crazy, unsocial and talkative- everything. Not to mention I've got 4.00 for both semesters at Kuala Nerang and I was really proud of my achievements.  During my time at the peninsular I enjoyed travelling with my friends, where I could see how modern it is the peninsular were. (But nothing could be compared to home). At UniKL i've achieved an overall grade of A-, confirming my placement at University of Sheffield.

Something, I thought that couldn't happen. Something- that I've dreamed off where someday I'll study overseas really did became a reality, after all.

Watching my other kampung friends playing futsal and kites during the evening, merempit, swimming at the Sarawak River or whatever activity that they're doing kept me thinking-

I was once one of them too, and now I'm carrying a burden on my shoulder-

As a student, who's going to study at a place for the white-people and graduate, with a first-class degree and contribute, to my nation, and to them, too.

I consider myself very lucky indeed, and I thank everyone who has helped me for making who I am today.

And oh, why the hell am I writing this?

I'm not bragging, exaggerating or complaining; BUT


P:S// Take life as a challenge, improve yourself and get the most out of your opportunity. Don't take it for granted, and as always, God, knows best for us, and always will.

Like they say, life is always full of surprises.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Photo Sharing: 22 *Sarawakian Language*

Penah sik takorang time kecik2 dolok main gudi? Orang kampung mekorang ngelar "layang-layang" gudi. Lekak skolah, tunggu petang ari kakya mbak benang ngan gudi pegi keluar rami2 ngan kawan2 main.

Nektok jarang nanga biak kecik main benda gitok..biak kecik nektok suma main X-boxlah, PS-3lah..neda sidak maok main permainan tradisional..haha

Rindu juak ku ngan zaman kecik2 dolok..sigh. Ada2 jak bekelai berebut gudi mun nya tegugok dari langit. Sampe btumbok2 ada juak.

Aduh2. Dah nama biak kecik. =.="

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Harvest Festival~!

I was one of the few selected bloggers lucky enough to be called upon to experience "A Culinary Tribute to Harvest Festival" at Orchid Garden, Grand Margherita Hotel, Kuching which is officially launched by the Assistant Minister of Tourism Sarawak.

Along with Kim, Eli, Chim, Fahrie and Eve we enjoyed different types of delish mouth-watering dishes such as Pansuh Manok, Pansuh Ikein, Kasam Ikien Bekuk, Kasam Jerak, Sungkoi Tumpi, Sup Ikan Tilapia Terung Assam Dayak, Kueh Tebeduk (some of the few selections of the local authentic dishes of the Sarawak natives) and a lot more.

All of them- buffet style!!

We ate as much as we could, (Eli ate the most) and filled our stomachs really-really full.

Buffet what. Buffet is the only place where you could eat as much as you could and the best thing was- we could enjoy the food for free! :P.

I like those Pansuh dishes the most, while the Kasam is a bit too salty for my liking since it is preserved with salt before it is cooked. The Kueh Tebeduk was very nice, sweet and soft in texture and the soup, is very-very rich.

Nevertheless, the foods were awesome!

Ok, so here's some of the pictures that I took during the lunch!

Warning: This could lead to overly oozing saliva from ur mouth. (Do not see these pictures if you're hungry).

These delicacies are usually served on Gawai day as everyone would gather and celebrate a bountiful harvest. I'm sure these dishes could fulfill your exotic taste buds in no time!

And oh, Grand Margherita Hotel is currently having the "Harvest Festival" promotion for the whole month of June!

All of the dishes mentioned and shown at the pictures are available at the ala-carte menu and it is available for lunch and dinner from now till the 30th of June 2011.

For bookings and reservations, call 082-423111 ext 1109/1158

P:S// Woah..I ate too my belly is getting rounder..T.T and btw, thanks to SarawakBloggers and Grand Margherita Hotel for the invite! Kenyang perut ku aritok. ;)

Monday, June 13, 2011


Boasting a price of RM4.50, I'd say this scrumptious mee crispy tomato was worth every penny i've paid for.

While I was having a walk around Kampung Boyan I was getting a lil' bit hungry and old pal "warung pak lah" was always there to welcome their customers.

The crispiness of the mee and the tender thick tomato sauce coupled with a chunk of prawn and chicken meat was totally fucking-


Street Food. Yum. Yum.


Friday, June 10, 2011


I've received a letter today, though it was marked:

9th of May 2011 on the front face of the letter.

Inside the letter there was 2 books, entitled- "Home From Home" and "Information For New International Students 2011-12".

I wasn't interested on the letter, nor the 2nd book, but, "Home From Home" was truly an interesting read.

Inside the book there's a few pictures of the 3 University accommodation to date;

The Endcliffe Village (Cheapest: 3810.24 pounds, the surroundings are very nice)
The Ranmoor Village (Cheapest: 4577.58 pounds, en-suite)
The City Centre (Cheapest: 3810.24 pounds)

From my understanding and a few researches,

Endcliffe is the most sociable and fun so far, while Ranmoor is to those of you who prefer quiet and peaceful living. City centre, basically, is near to the city, of course and closest to the engineering faculty.

I've asked a few of our Iprom mates regarding their accomodations and most of them applied The City Centre. I'm still unsure regarding my application though and I haven't received my official results yet.

I know Micet student's haven't applied I urge to those of you please discuss, where do you guys prefer to stay?

I prefer Endcliffe. :p (City centre sounds nice too, since it is the nearest to the engineering faculty but the rooms kinda look disappointing compared to Endcliffe and Ranmoor)

More info's can be read through here:-


Thursday, June 9, 2011



Heard of it?


Then, this is for you, MEN, BRO'S and BOY's out there.

I laughed hard when I watched this video. Some of it happened to me though. Lol!!!


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Angry Birds Invading Google Chrome!!!!


These birds are everywhere, I tell you.


First, they came invading the Iphone..then' now,



Shit!! Ok..i'm NOOB. 

P:S// Lol..can you guys notice something? :p

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Liverpool Vs Malaysia tickets, Finally ARRRRRIVVVEEDDD!!!



That was the sound of the van early in the morning- 10am to be exact and I was wondering who the hell could that be, honking early in the morning.


And that was when I remembered, I bought 5 tickets from a lowyat forummer, Tanch78 (thanks brotherr!!) for the Liverpool Vs Malaysia match, which includes the training passes!!

Ok no more stories, here's some pictures!

Arghhhhhhhhhhhh!!! I'm so happy at this instant- I can't wait for Liverpool to come Malaysia!!!

Hopefully I could meet them in person and take a photo or two with Stevie-G, Carra, Carroll or King Kenny!!


P:S// To those of you who still searching for the tickets, you guys can refer to this post here-

Monday, June 6, 2011

Tahniah, to BMI'ans and Ipromians!


I know the tension is totally unbearable, the stress is totally unfuckable and i'm sure you guys totally deserved all the credits!

It's never easy, to score an average of 70% for our exams and it's never easy, to score an average of 6.5 for IELTS- but, above all that, given the opportunity to study overseas, is a one fucking big achievement!!

I'm happy for you guys, seriously. Aku tumpang gembira.

Now, since you guys have received ur results, please do pray for us, since we're going to receive the big news next week!

To my friends who were a bit unlucky, please don't give up- there's always room for improvement. Don't take this as a step down, but a step up in our lives.

Manusia hanya mampu merancang, tetapi Allah akan menentukannya.

P:S// Yang dah lepas tu belanje la kiteorang makan piza ke..hahaha

Saturday, June 4, 2011

My Arsenal Vs Malaysia Tickets

Though i'm not an avid Arsenal fan..but thanks to Abdul Hakim, I could finally see them live at Malaysia! He bought me the RM58 tickets and it comes along with training session pass.

I'm still waiting for my Liverpool tickets though, Tan sent it through pos ekspres, so i would be expecting it by next week!

I met a friend of mine recently when I went for my friday prayers and asked me why didn't I watch the Chelsea game? It's like..alang2 what.

"Seeing that traitor in action? Nah. No thanks. I'd prefer to see Blackpool instead of Chelsea".


P:S// Chelsea fans..they're a lot of tickets being sold at Lea Centre around Sarawak..go get them now, if you feel like watching them live at Bukit Jalil this July! :)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Mee Kolok!!

For every Kuchingnite, Mee Kolok is a must when we're in Kuching. When I was studying at the Peninsular I was dreaming of eating Mee Kolok once i've arrived home.

I went to Kopi O' Corner for lunch today and was very satisfied to fill my tummy with a bowl of Mee Kolok..though I wanted Mee Pok (another type of Mee Kolok) but it was sold out!

I still remember those times when my dad used to bring me to eat Mee Kolok Hj. Salleh at the Satok area..ahhh..good times.

Nothing tastes as good as the food from your hometown, eh?

P:S//Suprisingly the price for Mee Kolok somehow increased to was RM3.50 before this..and was RM3 when I was a kid. Waaaa...

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea Vs Malaysia [Ticket Availability]

#12 Update 6/07/2011 Sorry for the late update guys. Btw, I have one ticket, the RM68 one, including the training passes for sale. Please check out this post. =)

Plus, there's a lot of forummers out there are currently selling their tickets (Liverpool vs Malaysia).

Other tickets, please kindly use the search button and check! ;).

#11 Update 11/06/2011: Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool vs Malaysia tickets are now available at Bukit Jalil Stadium for purchase! They also give away free car stickers! While stocks last!!

*Source: Utusan Malaysia

#10 Update 10/06/2011: Liverpool vs Malaysia tickets are now available online at ticketpro!

#9 Update 09/06/2011: Liverpool training passes for sale!! PM pppieee for more info at lowyat's forum!

finally got it...thanks

i've got the training pass..maybe to be thrown away because cannot attend on that date...anyone wiling to buy?

#8 Update 06/06/2011: This is the most expensive by far, RM220 for a RM108 ticket (including the training passes). WTF.

#7 Update 05/06/2011: Another seller at is selling the Liverpool vs Malaysia tickets at a very high price- RM200 for a RM108 ticket including the training passes.

*warning- Buy at your own risk!

#6 Update 04/06/2011: Tanch78 (A forummer from lowyat has 10 spare tickets- RM108 without the training passes for sale. Contact him for more info)

These ticket is either the buyer FFK case or refuse to make payment first. Again, these ticket is WITHOUT TRAINING PASS!!

My rule:

1) PM me. I will confirm your order. However, the order is only secured upon your payment. You have one day glance period to settle the payment (T+1).
2) Ticket delivery point: IOI Mall at night.
3) Mail order is accepted. You need to pay for Poslaju charges: RM10 for Penisular, RM20 for Sabah/Sarawak.

Pls provide me your name, mail address and contact number. Pls help me to help you guy get the ticket faster. Don't let me chasing you guys for these info.

#5 Update 03/06/2011: Liverpool ticket's with training passes are being sold at (warning: they're bloody expensive. RM68 tix> RM100)

*warning- Buy at your own risk.

#4 Update 03/06/2011: Most training passes are sold out from the respective ticket outlets from KL. The tickets are still there, but purchasing the ticket along with the training pass would be quite impossible now. (For KL area at the moment..i'll try to find other resources too)

#3 Update 03/06/2011: Excerpt taken from Lowyat forum referring to the user- "elninotorres"

for those need ticket I can help u,but if u willing to come at kepong or batu caves...

COD any area at kepong(my house) or batu caves (workplace)..


#2 Update 02/06/2011: Taken from

As Salam and greetings to all Malaysian The Red supporters!

Good news to all loyal Liverpool FC supporters who doesn’t have an account with Standard Chartered Bank but still want to buy the ticket!
We can buy the HOT pre-EPL tickets for you and deliver it to you!

Because of high demand from our Reds supporter, this great offer from us Liverpool FC supporter for another Liverpool FC supporter like you will last until2nd of June ONLY! and available for Liverpool FC supporters within Klang Valley ONLY!
- Every ticket will be charged extra RM8.00 service fee from the original ticket because we have saved you from opening account that would cost you RM28.00 [ATM card RM8 + Deposit minimum RM20] and time from running to the bank for opening new account and que up for the ticket! Plus we will deliver the ticket to you personally! Hassle FREE!
- We will meet you and deliver the ticket to you at Dataran Merdeka ONLY!
- TICKET is genuine from Ticketpro!
Here is the instruction to purchase the ticket! Please read it carefully;

1. Please E-MAIL your detail like this:-
- name
Ticket Type
* RM388.00 (Grand Stand - Free Seating - Infront the field)
*RM108.00 (Seat A - Free Seating - Middle Level)
*RM68.00 (Seat B - Free Seating - Top Level)
*RM58.00 (Seat C - Free Seating - Top Level)
- ticket quantity
- contact number
2. Attach together your scanned of bank-in detail as your prove of purchase to
E-Mail Address:
3. After we have confirmed your payment we will contact you for the ticket delivery.
For more info please contact: +60176621415 (Mr. Faizal)
Every purchase one unit of ticket will come together with one FREE training pass*
*while stock last!
Please make your move fast! This offer will last untill 2nd of June 2011!

#1 Update 02/06/2011: Apparently there's some Malaysians who are kind enough to give out a helping hand to fellow kopites who want's to get their hands on the Liverpool Vs Malaysia tickets (hopefully with training pass too)- check out this link; Liverpool Vs Malaysia (lowyat forum)

I've ordered 5 tickets from a forummer named Tanch78. He'll be buying those tickets for me today! Yippee!!! Hurry up guys!
For the first time in Malaysia, Liverpool is comin'!

Other than Liverpool, two other top english clubs, Chelsea and Arsenal are coming this july too.

Liverpool Vs Malaysia

Date: 16 July 2011
Time: 5.45 PM

Arsenal Vs Malaysia

Date: 13 July 2011
Time: 8.45 PM

Chelsea Vs Malaysia

Date: 21 July 2011
Time: 8.45 PM

All matches will be held at Bukit Jalil Stadium..and i'm sure the stadiums will be packed with EPL fans! (Ticket prices are the same for all matches..RM58, 68, 108, 388)

I know most of you guys knew about this, but the thing is, the tickets are our ultimate concerns, right?

Well so far I've only bought the Arsenal tickets, courtesy of my friend, Abdul Hakim. (Thanks mate!). I tried calling Lea Centre from Sarawak regarding the avaibilities of the tickets, but sadly they only have Chelsea Vs Malaysia at the current moment. there anyone willing to sell me their Liverpool tickets..or kind enough to buy me one at the peninsular? desperate!!!!! (And for the training pass sessions!)

Lol. Ok..hopefully i could get my hands on those tickets..i'll keep on praying and keep on calling lea centre for those Liverpool passes! :D

Stay tuned for new updates!!

(P:S// the public sale of the Liverpool tickets would be on 10/06/11 still a few days late, but its better to keep on tabs, right? Tickets for Chelsea and Arsenal are available online at
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