Monday, June 6, 2011

Tahniah, to BMI'ans and Ipromians!


I know the tension is totally unbearable, the stress is totally unfuckable and i'm sure you guys totally deserved all the credits!

It's never easy, to score an average of 70% for our exams and it's never easy, to score an average of 6.5 for IELTS- but, above all that, given the opportunity to study overseas, is a one fucking big achievement!!

I'm happy for you guys, seriously. Aku tumpang gembira.

Now, since you guys have received ur results, please do pray for us, since we're going to receive the big news next week!

To my friends who were a bit unlucky, please don't give up- there's always room for improvement. Don't take this as a step down, but a step up in our lives.

Manusia hanya mampu merancang, tetapi Allah akan menentukannya.

P:S// Yang dah lepas tu belanje la kiteorang makan piza ke..hahaha


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