Friday, June 10, 2011


I've received a letter today, though it was marked:

9th of May 2011 on the front face of the letter.

Inside the letter there was 2 books, entitled- "Home From Home" and "Information For New International Students 2011-12".

I wasn't interested on the letter, nor the 2nd book, but, "Home From Home" was truly an interesting read.

Inside the book there's a few pictures of the 3 University accommodation to date;

The Endcliffe Village (Cheapest: 3810.24 pounds, the surroundings are very nice)
The Ranmoor Village (Cheapest: 4577.58 pounds, en-suite)
The City Centre (Cheapest: 3810.24 pounds)

From my understanding and a few researches,

Endcliffe is the most sociable and fun so far, while Ranmoor is to those of you who prefer quiet and peaceful living. City centre, basically, is near to the city, of course and closest to the engineering faculty.

I've asked a few of our Iprom mates regarding their accomodations and most of them applied The City Centre. I'm still unsure regarding my application though and I haven't received my official results yet.

I know Micet student's haven't applied I urge to those of you please discuss, where do you guys prefer to stay?

I prefer Endcliffe. :p (City centre sounds nice too, since it is the nearest to the engineering faculty but the rooms kinda look disappointing compared to Endcliffe and Ranmoor)

More info's can be read through here:-



MFI said...

taknak teman aku kat malaysia ke? hahaha

me said...

korang da kene apply accomandation da ke?

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