Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Harvest Festival~!

I was one of the few selected bloggers lucky enough to be called upon to experience "A Culinary Tribute to Harvest Festival" at Orchid Garden, Grand Margherita Hotel, Kuching which is officially launched by the Assistant Minister of Tourism Sarawak.

Along with Kim, Eli, Chim, Fahrie and Eve we enjoyed different types of delish mouth-watering dishes such as Pansuh Manok, Pansuh Ikein, Kasam Ikien Bekuk, Kasam Jerak, Sungkoi Tumpi, Sup Ikan Tilapia Terung Assam Dayak, Kueh Tebeduk (some of the few selections of the local authentic dishes of the Sarawak natives) and a lot more.

All of them- buffet style!!

We ate as much as we could, (Eli ate the most) and filled our stomachs really-really full.

Buffet what. Buffet is the only place where you could eat as much as you could and the best thing was- we could enjoy the food for free! :P.

I like those Pansuh dishes the most, while the Kasam is a bit too salty for my liking since it is preserved with salt before it is cooked. The Kueh Tebeduk was very nice, sweet and soft in texture and the soup, is very-very rich.

Nevertheless, the foods were awesome!

Ok, so here's some of the pictures that I took during the lunch!

Warning: This could lead to overly oozing saliva from ur mouth. (Do not see these pictures if you're hungry).

These delicacies are usually served on Gawai day as everyone would gather and celebrate a bountiful harvest. I'm sure these dishes could fulfill your exotic taste buds in no time!

And oh, Grand Margherita Hotel is currently having the "Harvest Festival" promotion for the whole month of June!

All of the dishes mentioned and shown at the pictures are available at the ala-carte menu and it is available for lunch and dinner from now till the 30th of June 2011.

For bookings and reservations, call 082-423111 ext 1109/1158

P:S// Woah..I ate too my belly is getting rounder..T.T and btw, thanks to SarawakBloggers and Grand Margherita Hotel for the invite! Kenyang perut ku aritok. ;)


Eve! said...

Whoa..!!Express you!Good job~ :D

Elisha Batuncang said...

We are there for food tasting that's why I tried almost all of the foods available.

Random-Apples said...

express post, eve! hehehe. eli, i ate a few almost kenyang ad..>.<"..becoz before that i went to mcd to grab something to eat while waiting..haha. but still nice meal, eh? :p

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