Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Liverpool Vs Malaysia tickets, Finally ARRRRRIVVVEEDDD!!!



That was the sound of the van early in the morning- 10am to be exact and I was wondering who the hell could that be, honking early in the morning.


And that was when I remembered, I bought 5 tickets from a lowyat forummer, Tanch78 (thanks brotherr!!) for the Liverpool Vs Malaysia match, which includes the training passes!!

Ok no more stories, here's some pictures!

Arghhhhhhhhhhhh!!! I'm so happy at this instant- I can't wait for Liverpool to come Malaysia!!!

Hopefully I could meet them in person and take a photo or two with Stevie-G, Carra, Carroll or King Kenny!!


P:S// To those of you who still searching for the tickets, you guys can refer to this post here-


may said...

we try call anyone here in phillipines,to get any chances to buy atickets liverpool v malaysia but they dont know nothing,,,,if posible some one ther read this messages please feeed back,,,thanks

Anonymous said...

Tried to get tickets here in the Philipines,all dumb fucks here no-one knows nothing.Most fucked up country in SE Asia.

Random-Apples said...

hello there guys! fret not, u guys can buy the tickets online at ticketpro.com.my

but there's no training passes though. :p.

the tickets would be charged at RM58, 68, 108, 258 and 388. ;)

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