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Your Definitive Guide For Kuching Travellers!! *Part 1*


I think i didn't update my blog for more than a week! Sorry peeps! Been busy these few days since my friends from the peninsular are coming over to stay at my place, and visit my home-


You know, I never really travelled the whole Kuching. The only place that I know was the *cough* Spring, Arena Sukan and KGS- since those are the places that I visit regularly for movies, futsal and tennis. I wished that I had the time, and a few friends to travel along and explore Kuching.

And, definitely, this is the perfect timing.

Totally perfect.

My friends had a limited budget, particularly around RM200 and they were staying for 6 days and 5 nights at Kuching. 6 days. And 5 nights. Fuck this. What do I have in store for them?

1st Day.

As the 3 of my friends arrived in Kuching, (Faris, Mat and Izhan), the first place that I've brought them were Swee Kang. Swee Kang is a very popular place to eat ice-kacang and rojak and is usually full during lunch hour and tea time. When we arrived, we had to wait a while to get some seats as they were fully seated with customers! We ordered the popular, White Lady, (RM2.70 a glass), a very sweet cocktail, with lots of fruits and jellies inside, and with a whip of milk.

There was this crispy tauhu and jellyfish rojak, which we added into our order; and it was very addictive to munch on. Money was truly well spent.

After enjoying those white ladies and rojak- our next destination was the Kuching Waterfront. Me and my friends used the boat or a.k.a Sampan from my kampung to cross the Sarawak river and the journey, much to my astonishment, was fun indeed. (It's been a very long time since i used the boat to go to the city; car was always the 1st option). The ride cost 50cents. During my school years it cost only 30cents and still, they are some passengers who reluctantly didn't pay the fares.

Crossing the Sarawak River ain't free, mate.

So. We strolled past the waterfront, chinatown, main bazaar and the old court house- nothing amazing there and we ate at John's Place for dinner. From my personal view, John's Place has the best Kuay Teow Kerang in town! (If you eat it with their sambal). I call it Kuay Teow Sambal btw. The paste (sambal) has this very hot, salty and fishy taste (almost similar to sambal nasi lemak) and very addictive, too. Order one Kuay Teow Sambal, and i'm sure you'll ask for more sambal! The Sotong Goreng Sambal ain't bad too.

John's place is located beside Harvour View Hotel. The place has lantern's up on their ceilings. Go check them out if u have the time! :)

After dinner, the four of us walked our way to the Medan Pelita building and went to the highest floor. The Medan Pelita was a very popular place to watch movies during back then..I still remembered I always went there to play arcades and 4WD mini tournaments.

At the highest floor, you could particularly see some parts Kuching City. Go during nighttime and appreciate those buzzing lights coming from the shoplots and streetlights of Kuching. Free of charge.

The 2nd day we went to visit the Jamek Mosque, located near the State Library of Sarawak for Friday Prayers. To those of you who craves for (the best) Sarawak Laksa and Mee Kolok, try visiting Ceria Cafe, opposite Choice Food at Satok and Sepinang Sari, beside Maybank at Satok builiding. To me they have the best Laksa and Kolok taste.  Hehe. After our Friday prayers, we went to visit the Civic centre, and visited the Dewan Suarah building.

There, you could use the lift and see the WHOLE CITY OF KUCHING. No kidding man. Better than the Medan Pelita view. Sad that seldom people visit here and besides, it's free of charge too. (It's off limits during nighttime btw).

Wisma Saberkas, the Sarawakian Lowyat- I call it, was the next destination. My friends wanted to take a look at it and this was their respond.

"Atleast it's better than Bukit Jambul"

Eeerrrr...yeah. Bukit Jambul. =.=

Okkkkk...soooooooo...after window shopping at the so called Sarawakian Lowyat, me and my friends head to the Permai Beach. 

At Permai, you could do a lot of fun activities such as kayaking, boating, trekking and lots more. It's a 30mins drive from Kuching and the entrance fee to the beach it RM5. RM4 if you bring ur student id along. =P. (Instead of going to the beach, first time Kuching travellers should go to the Kampung Budaya and experience the cultures of Sarawak! The tickets, for me, are quite expensive, RM60 for adults so me and friends decided to axe this spot.)

We wanted to play Kayaking at first and it costs RM20 an hour. To our disappointment, when we arrived at the beach, it was raining and the supervisor had to cancel all the kayaking activities and kayak equipment rentals. We brought a ball along though, so it wasn't that boring and met some new friends too, some fellow nigerians.

The beach was beautiful. I love the way the sea looks when I was swimming at the middle of the sea..very calm, and soothing. After having fun at the beach, we went to the jungle pool, located at the hilltop of the beach.

The 2nd day, ended with a dinner at Kampung Boyan. We ordered mee crispy hong kong, but it was finished, so we ordered some ordinary dishes like nasi ayam blackpepper, nasi goreng kampung and Izhan, who's the only one-

Ordered nasi Tsunami.

WTF? Looks like nasi pattaya with some kuah to me. Hahaha. =.="""

Part 1 ENDS.

*Part 2 Coming Up Soon!* Stay tuned!! ;)

P:S// I had fun with you guys, seriously. 


Gabrielle Jee said...

aaa the food! alll that glorious food T_T

syaEYRA said...


Lindy said...

LOL! Budget version for Kuching vacation. Its good, though. lol Looking forward to part 2. :)

Hamimi Kun said...

Lama dah sik jalan2 sekitar Kuching.Maka ada di Kuching.

Firiz said...

wow, suke betul kamek baca artikel tuk! Nasi Tsunami? I shall try one then!

Ku Muhamad Ashman Ku Aziz said...

haha..pasnih aq nak g sarawak bleyh la ko bawak jalan2...

Thristhan said...

Sarawak, once place I've not been to yet. Food looks great there :)

Random-Apples said...


Miss Kuching food, do you? hehe.


awesome kan? Datang la Kuching! =P


We tried to be as frugal as we could and still, we enjoyed every bit of it!


Jalan nun kat Kuching! A lot of places to explore! hehe


Nasi Tsunami sik best! Try mee crispy instead! =P


seyes ar nak datang Sarawak..? haha


The a lot of food choices here, try Mee Kolok or Sarawakian Laksa! XD

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