Saturday, June 4, 2011

My Arsenal Vs Malaysia Tickets

Though i'm not an avid Arsenal fan..but thanks to Abdul Hakim, I could finally see them live at Malaysia! He bought me the RM58 tickets and it comes along with training session pass.

I'm still waiting for my Liverpool tickets though, Tan sent it through pos ekspres, so i would be expecting it by next week!

I met a friend of mine recently when I went for my friday prayers and asked me why didn't I watch the Chelsea game? It's like..alang2 what.

"Seeing that traitor in action? Nah. No thanks. I'd prefer to see Blackpool instead of Chelsea".


P:S// Chelsea fans..they're a lot of tickets being sold at Lea Centre around Sarawak..go get them now, if you feel like watching them live at Bukit Jalil this July! :)


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

hi. can u pls tell me how u got your tickets so cheap with the training passes? i'm planning to get a couple of tickets for my boyfriend coz its his birthday and i wanted to do something special. so if u would kindly tell me when and how to get them it will be useful.. thank u very much.

Random-Apples said...

Hi anon! i got my tickets from my friend..he bought me one. The tickets are not cheap actually, i bought the rm58 tickets, which is the RRP price for thefree seating. i'm not sure if the tickets are still available online, but u can check via

i've also heard that al-ikhsan still have some tickets. go check em'! ;)

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