Monday, November 29, 2010

KL Update

Hi guys! Sorry for the late update! I'm at KL at the moment, having a trip to treat myself after the finals and ielts exam. Didn't bring my laptop along so it was kinda hard to blog.

My ipod touch was my only reliable source of internet connection and most probably after my "vacation" here in KL, i'll update my blog as usual!

(I'll be back this Wednesday).

Stay tuned for some great updates!

P:S// Seriously pissed off by Liverpool when they lost to Tottenham last Sunday. >=(. How the hell Kuyt was denied a clear chance of penalty?!

Thursday, November 25, 2010


I think i could get rid of biology out of my head now. I think everything should be fine, I guess. If not, then most probably sem 2 would be a catchup game for me. =P.

Anyways. Ielts this coming Saturday. WTF is ielts? Well ielts is an english test if you wanna study overseas, primarily UK, Australia and New Zealand.(Like MUET if you wanna study in the locals universities of Malaysia, TOEFL for USA..etc..etc..)

The test would be divided into 4 sections, reading, listening, writing and speaking. THE PART THAT I WORRY THE MOST WOULD BE WRITING.



Somehow blogging without proper english and grammar is promoting failure to IELTS. lol.

A minimum grade of 6 (highest is 9, lowest is 0) and an overall of 6.5 in order to pass the requirements by MARA.

Failure to achieve those grades would mean = FORKING OUT RM570 TO RESIT THE TEST!!

RM570 YOOO!!!


Okay- I know, Im over exaggerating; but hell, I don't wanna resit the freaking test!!

Please have mercy, IELTS!!

P:S// Good luck to my friends who's going to sit for the ielts exam this Saturday!! Do your bestttt!!! Mana mau cari RM570?!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

CityOne Mall Kuching- GSC IS HERE!!!!

Another Update!: Yes, its here- GSC is coming to Kuching! And its at CityOne Mall!!

Read here for more info.

Update: Here's a video of the upcoming CityOne Mall Kuching, courtesy of Kenbest. :)

I love to shop- window shopping, that is.

It gives me satisfaction, just to watch and see those things that i've fascinate so much, especially electronics stuff, such as laptop accessories, speakers or even some camera lenses.

I like to look at em, but paying for them is not truly my thing. In KL, theres Low Yat Plaza where I could hover around the mall and drool upon the items that they have to offer. In Kuching? Meh.

So, whats this CityOne Mall everybody has been talking about?

Probably the next big thing in Kuching?
Probably bigger than the Spring?
Probably Burger King or Nandos open at CityOne?
Or probably GSC??

Whatever the reasons or outcome, Im really looking forward to CityOne Mall. I've heard that they're offering cinemas (hopefully GSC would come!!!) and bowling alleys, which is what good malls have, (except The Spring in which bowling alley is missing).

If the plans are to be believed, it would be completed next year, (approaching Christmas if im not mistaken). The contractors have started building and by the looks of it, it doesn't really look appealing at all. (Don't get disappointed, maybe they're trying to surprise us? Yeah- optimism doesn't hurt).

Hopefully it won't be the next Boulevard in Kuching, where they boasted cinemas and an "ice skating ring".

Ice skating ring my arse!

P:S// I kinda like CityOne Mall design, do you guys notice that they are planning to build a skybridge interconnecting two mall buildings on the 1st picture? Cool! :P

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Own Yourself An Ipod Touch~!

Recently Apple launched their new 4th generation Ipod Touch, dubbed the most funnest ipod touch ever. You guys can read the review here.

Anyways, if you're a student, (university, college or even school), parents who's considering a gift for your child or an adult or teenager who wants something different;

I would boldly state that- GO GET IT.

I own myself an ipod touch too. To fully ultilize and maximize your ipod touch, you've got to jailbreak the ipod touch first- similar to hacking a psp. (Apple doesn't authorize cracked apps which you could get for free. Imagine a 100 dollar app you could get for absolutely nothing!)

Okay, im not trying to promote jailbreaking here, but the reasons why you guys should get the new ipod touch. Its my gay partner now- i mean the new ipod touch.

So, first things first.

1. You could listen to music. And Oh, watch videos too.

Everyone knows that! Duh. Its so obvious. WTF>>>Its not just listening to music that makes the ipod touch one hell of a device, but you could also put in some lyrics- meaning, when you're listening to a song, you could read the lyrics as well! Plus, if you're listening to the radio and you want to know what current song you're listening, don't fret. You can always rely on your ipod touch. (Metrolyrics and Soundhound apps are the best). Other than that, ipod touch also has VLC available, so to those video junkies, give yourself a favor!

2. Connect to wifi!!

Wifi! Wifi is everywhere! (In the city area, of course). Wifi in your ipod touch means you could surf the internet, go facebook, twitter and download music or apps! And, read Random-Apples too. =P. (A lot of phones right now have wifi connection available, so it doesn't gives too much significance over the ipod touch. However it is a +++ for the ipod touch being able to connect through the internet.)

3. Play awesome games!!!

Did you know that you could play NFS Shift, MGS, Guitar Hero, Resident Evil 4, Plants Vs Zombies etc..etc on your ipod touch?! Its like having a ps-one, ps-two and a psp combined together as one console! Imagine forking out an extra RM400 for a ps-two just to play resident evil 4 and another RM900 just for a psp to play NFS shift. Ain't worth it, you know. Moreover, these games costs you absolutely nothing!!!! (You'll need an internet connection, of course).

4. Music, Internet, Games. So what? What about learning?!

Ipod touch is just not about entertainment. You can learn through the ipod touch. How? Simply download the pdf reader or ibook apps and put lecture notes/e-books inside the ipod. Wala! Now you have a digital book where you could read it everywhere, anytime you want. For muslims, you could recite the Quran as well. There's an app where you could read the Quran. Very handy indeed. Say goodbye to heavy books!!!!

5. Your Daily Partner In Crime.

My daily partner in crime? You've gotta be kidding me! Yep- its true folks. When you buy an ipod touch, it would be your soulmate. Your gay/lesbian partner for the whole time. Why? Because ipod touch wakes me up in the morning, schedules my work/study, navigate my way to places through GPS, get my fitness in tip-top shape and I could accessorize my ipod according to my own style. Finally, you could record some HD video's too!! Cool? You bet it is!

So whats next? After reading through all these "Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Own Yourself An Ipod Touch"

University/College Student: Go get it.
Parents Who Wants To Surprise Their Kids: You Should.
Adults/Teenagers: Should I Say More?

An 8gb Ipod touch starts at RM829. Go to your nearest Apple Store, now!

P:S// Please take note that im not getting any $$$ from Apple for writing this. I wrote it because the ipod-touch is just so awesome!

Oh yeah. Another thing. You could also turn your ipod-touch into a phone as well!!! :DD.
(Apple Peel).

I'm lovin my ipod touch! :).

Friday, November 19, 2010

CPE 1004: Killer Subject

WTF is CPE 1004?

Well, in my course, theres this subject called CPE 1004.

CPE 1004, consists of 3 subjects, primarily Physical Chemistry, Physics and Biology.

Physical chemistry is branched out to thermodynamics and some basic/advanced chemistry while Physics, is branched out to basic physics and thermodynamics as well. Biology, however is branched out into biochemistry and molecular biology. (Which is seriously tough)

WTF. Right?

MARA requires us to get at least 70% for CPE 1004. Lower than that then you would be axed out from your scholarship. (If im not mistaken).

More WTF.

Through some serious calculations of probability, I think I would get these marks for my recent final exams;

Physics: +-85
Physical Chemistry: +-72
Biology: +-45

Physical Chemistry accounts 50% of the total for CPE 1004, while 25% and another 25% for physics and biology.

So, overall,

CPE 1004: +-68.5 

In conclusion;

I've failed!!!!!

T.T!!!! What the hell am I going to do???!!!! I just can't get this over my head for some days now..I just couldn't bear the fact that a mere +-1.5% could pull me away from my scholarship.


Someone please enlighten me..

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Photo Sharing: 13

This was the last picture taken before I went back home. Those were my roommates and course mates. Though there were times that wasn't meant to be, but these guys would always remain in my head as the most sporting and crazy looking friends.

I'll be missing those times where we play dota together and scream. Not forgetting how our heads are getting the smash from the balls during futsal.

Oh wait. There's next semester. But the guy who's wearing the black shirt, called Lee would be going to New Zealand for his degree. I would like to thank him for all the good deeds and activities he has done to us.

You're a such a good dota mentor! Hehe.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Justin Bieber And A Cheque From Nuffnang!

So, im back at Sarawak.

The final paper, which was Bio was hard. I suffered insomnia and didn't sleep a day just because I wanted to revise all the shits- and it didn't came out! What a bummer! I had no idea or clue what the question wanted and I do think that I could barely pass- which if I could, I would be jumping around at Kuching topless. =P.

Anyways, being back here in Sarawak feels good. The air, the environment and especially the food. I miss all of them. When I arrived back home my mom even told me that my hair was like;


WTF, im not a BIEBER fan okay and my hair is so not like Justin-fag-Bieber! Okay somehow I hate him. I don't know why. Its like girls hating on Miley Cyrus for no reason and vice versa for boys.

Other than calling my hair was like Justin Bieber, my mom told me that there was a cheque that has my name written on it.

Cheque? What cheque?

As I ripped through the envelope and papers, it was from, Nuffnang!!!!

My mom told me that the cheque arrived home months ago..and that was when I've realised that I've cashed out my nuffnang earnings! Although its not a large sum of money, but hey, at least its enough for me to buy myself 10 pieces of KFC dinner plates! Thanks nuffnang! XD.


Okay, im gonna get some rest now. Adios people! =P.

P:S// Happy Hari Raya Haji To All My Muslim Friends And Random Apple Readers! Selamat menunaikan ibadah and jom beramai-ramai tengok lembu disembelih esok! Hehe.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Still A Paper To GOooooo!!!

Organic Chemistry= Done.
Physical Chemistry= Done.
Physics (Thanks Mr. Imran!)= Done.
Biochemistry= ?????

On a side note, I find myself in between success or fail. Not that the exams were hard and all, but the requirements in order for me and my friends to get through into the university in UK is seriously challenging. To get an average of 70% in every subject is not as easy as you think it is.

In college, getting an A was a piece of cake. (Somehow)

In university, getting an A is now a piece of God-Sent-Luck that would only happen if the lecturers are "nice" enough to give some tips and some notes regarding the exams.

I guess its different.

Heck, I still remember what the Lecturers from Sheffield said the other day and I'm not taking this as an excuse to myself not to succeed.

But hey, being optimistic doesn't hurt.

Or do they? Anyways, will be back to Sarawak in just a couple of days. Can't wait!

Sarawak Laksa here I come!!!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Riwayat Sebiji Roti John

Ini adalah Kuna. Kuna adalah kawan saya. Dia lapar.

Kuna lompat dari katil dan tibe-tibe tjumpe dengan sebiji roti john di atas tupperware- oh sungguh bertuah!

Oleh kerana lapar, Kuna pon membukak wrapping roti john yang die jumpe tadi dengan rakus.

Setelah membuka wrapping, Kuna melahap roti john tersebut- Oh, Sedapnye!

Gigitan demi gigitan, roti john si Abang Kuna makan.

Setelah Roti John habis dimakan, Kuna pon kenyang! Yay! =D

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Good Luck For Your Final Exams, Everybody!

Tomorrow, most university students would be having their final exams. University exams are not as easy as in SPM or PMR since we are spoon-fed most of the time by our teachers.

Now, in University, you have to search for your own information, your own knowledge- appreciate what is given to you by the lecturers.

Its totally different during the school days where you could find everything or anything that would come out for the exams- especially from revision books.

Okay, enough babbling, Random-Apples would like to wish all of you all the best, good luck and be well prepared! :).

Sleep well!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Pencuri Di Micet

Aku benci btol ngan pencuri.

Aku rase korang pon benci pencuri gak kan? Sape tak benci? Yelah, katakanlah ko beli krete perodua alza baru, RM80k plak. Pastu..tak lame kemudian, kene curi.

Sape tak bengong? Mesti korang maki pencuri tu kan?

"Babi la pencuri. Kalau ak dpt jumpe si pencuri tu memang ak lanyak kaw2 punyelah. Ak bagi sontot ngan negro sikit baru die taw"

Biaselah. Dah kene, maki2 pencuri, pasrah dan marah. Insurans bayar 100% tak kalo kene curi?

Tak..tak, krete aku tak kene curi. Ak takde krete pon sebenarnye.

Yang ak bengong ni baju ak la kene curi. Baju jersi Arsenal plak tu. Baru beli. RM35. Masalahnye bukan ak sorang je kene. Aku, J-kal ngan Ecad pon kene gak. Aku rase ramai lagi baju kene curi dan ak taw ramai lagi orang kene lagi teruk. Semalam ak tak tido..tengok bola..nyesal plak tak pegi usha2 kat luar koridor tengok ade orang lalu2 bawak jersi.

RM35 tu banyak tau. Bole beli dinner plate kfc 3 bijik.

Ye tak ye gak, ni dah masok akhir sem. Datang la si setan2 sial, tangan panjang ngan tanduk mcm kerbau busuk mencuri barang2. Macam la xde keje lagi berfaedah?

Mak ngan Bapak korang miskin sangat ke? Xde duit ke nak beli baju? Ni Universiti la wei..pikirlah ngan rasional skit. Tu blom lagi kawan2 ak yg kene kat Iprom tu, lagi kesian. Pencuri ni- ish. Memang sial lah. Camner kalau Mak Bapak korang taw pasal perangai busuk korang kat universiti? Mak Bapak korang hantar ke universiti punyer lah jauh dengan harapan korang jadi insan yang BERGUNA. Ni korang x guna akal pegi sini nak mencuri. Pergh- memang ape la korang. Patut la Malaysia "maju". Kerajaan da siap bagi korang pinjaman, subsidi; korang nak ape lagi? Ape lagi yang x cukup, hah, babi?!

Ko ingat duit ko dapat dari menjual barang yang ko curi tu halal? Duit yang ko dapat tu ko nak gune ape? Beli dadah? Pelacur?
Kiteorang tuntut kat akhirat. Ko jangan nak main2, pencuri.

Lambat laun, "Sepandai-pandai tupai mencuri, akhirnya dibantai juga". Kalau setakat nak pergi universiti nak mencuri baek xyah blajar, aku rase jadi penyamun lagi bagus. Menyusahkan orang.

P:S// This is a safety message regarding to all university students who is on the brink of final exams. Take care of your belongings safely! Especially your laptops! Lock all your lockers, doors and drawers when you sleep. 

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Apabila Orang Sarawak, Kelate, Kedah Dan KL Lepak Di Kedai Kopi

Mamak (Bangla): Minum mau apa?

Safwan (Sarawak): Ayek teh ais sigek.

Mat Ije (Kelate): Neslo.

Faris (Kedah): Bagi depa ayaq bandung satu.

Izhan (KL): Sky...juice...?

Mamak: Ok. (Sambil senyum, kantoi gigi rongak)

Safwan: Mat, suk la kawu tek Kelantan menang Piala Malaysia?

Mat Ije: ???

Safwan: Maksud aku, seronok la ko Kelantan menang ari tu?

Mat Ije: oOo..sape x seronok, ak siap bakar kerusi lagi kat Bukit Jalil.

Izhan: Orang Kelatan kalau menang bakar kerusi ek?

Mat Ije: Mu tak puas hati ngan Kelantan ke?

Faris: Ala..Mat, negeri hang nasib je menang ari tu, kalau negeri depa menang, depa bakaq kerusi gak.

Mat Ije: Betol2..ak sokong.

Izhan: Haha..tak abis2 ngan bakar kerusi. Sarawak plak ape cer? Mane team "Bujang Senang"?

Safwan: Ne ku tauk. (Mane ak tau)

Mat Ije: Tenggalam kot?

(Mat Ije, Faris, Izhan gelak2)

Safwan: Takorang tunggu jak season depan. Sarawak mesti menang Piala Malaysia. Confirm.

Faris: Kalau Piala Borneo menang kot.

(Mat Ije, Faris, Izhan gelak2 lagi)

Mat Ije: Aku rase kalau main kat Piala Borneo Sarawak main bola kat atas pokok kan?

(Mat Ije, Faris, Izhan gelak2 kaw)

Safwan: Kimak la korang. (Sambil marah2)

Izhan: Haha..merajuk ke Safwan? Relax la bro..bukan orang Sarawak sumer tinggal kat atas pokok?

Mat Ije: Nate mu ni Izhan.

Safwan: Aaaa..malas aku nak layan takorang.

Faris: Olololo..orang Sarawak merajuk. Hahahaha.

Safwan: Diamlah.

Faris: Nah, kote. Hahahahaha. (Sambil henjut2)

(Safwan, Izhan, Mat Ije gelak2)

Safwan: Weh..ayek da nak habis..nak pegi mane pasni?

Faris: Sat..ak perabeh kan ayaq ak. (Sambil minum cepat2).

Izhan: Downtown jum?

Mat Ije, Faris, Safwan: Jom.

P:S//Just a joke, no hard feelings, yea? And oh, I would like to wish everyone Happy Deepavali! :). Enjoy your holidays! :D

Monday, November 1, 2010

Photo Sharing: 12

The guys inside this picture are those 9 out of 10 people (including me, =P) who's going to Sheffield to pursue Masters In Engineering, Chemical Process. The two Mat Sallehs are the lecturers from Sheffield University, who came to visit and have a chit-chat session with us.

One of the lecturers, Dr. Martin, gave us an useful advice,

"Instead of achieving the lowest minimum grade to pass, why don't try to achieve the maximum?"

That quote stroke a lightning bolt into my brain. =)
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