Wednesday, November 24, 2010

CityOne Mall Kuching- GSC IS HERE!!!!

Another Update!: Yes, its here- GSC is coming to Kuching! And its at CityOne Mall!!

Read here for more info.

Update: Here's a video of the upcoming CityOne Mall Kuching, courtesy of Kenbest. :)

I love to shop- window shopping, that is.

It gives me satisfaction, just to watch and see those things that i've fascinate so much, especially electronics stuff, such as laptop accessories, speakers or even some camera lenses.

I like to look at em, but paying for them is not truly my thing. In KL, theres Low Yat Plaza where I could hover around the mall and drool upon the items that they have to offer. In Kuching? Meh.

So, whats this CityOne Mall everybody has been talking about?

Probably the next big thing in Kuching?
Probably bigger than the Spring?
Probably Burger King or Nandos open at CityOne?
Or probably GSC??

Whatever the reasons or outcome, Im really looking forward to CityOne Mall. I've heard that they're offering cinemas (hopefully GSC would come!!!) and bowling alleys, which is what good malls have, (except The Spring in which bowling alley is missing).

If the plans are to be believed, it would be completed next year, (approaching Christmas if im not mistaken). The contractors have started building and by the looks of it, it doesn't really look appealing at all. (Don't get disappointed, maybe they're trying to surprise us? Yeah- optimism doesn't hurt).

Hopefully it won't be the next Boulevard in Kuching, where they boasted cinemas and an "ice skating ring".

Ice skating ring my arse!

P:S// I kinda like CityOne Mall design, do you guys notice that they are planning to build a skybridge interconnecting two mall buildings on the 1st picture? Cool! :P


Albert said...

I wish there's something new in Miri as well. Seriously, Star Cineplex sucks :(

Tn.Punya said...

wah tempat menarik ni ..tak tahu bilalah nak sapai kuching

Little Miss Ramble said...

its looks like smaller version of The Curve in Damansara.

Cant wait for this to open!
Woahh :D

Anonymous said...

The Curve is too empty. Its Big But Lazy to walk so far to shops I want to go. One Utama is the best, with a short distance I can get just anything I want that comes up in my mind.

Anonymous said...

You really sound like a Kuching person - so super sakai!!

Anonymous said...

I love my hometown Kuching.. I think its time now for Sarawak to gain its rights.. For sarawakian do your homework and look for the agreement between Borneo - Malaya..

Anyway..its been years Im studying and living in Petaling Jaya (PJ).. 1 things I'll miss when Im going back to Kuching someday is the highways.. (cause I like speed and illegal race :p)
But the highways are still a shame compared to Singapore and Brunei.. Wonder where the money for development went.. =)

What I hope for CityOne is there will be Carl's Jr..Burger King is fine but it's not worth compared to Carl's Jr.. Lacoste booth (I love Lacoste) etc..

No offense for the comments.. Don't forget to do your homework I mentioned above.. =)
Looking forward for CityOne..

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