Sunday, November 21, 2010

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Own Yourself An Ipod Touch~!

Recently Apple launched their new 4th generation Ipod Touch, dubbed the most funnest ipod touch ever. You guys can read the review here.

Anyways, if you're a student, (university, college or even school), parents who's considering a gift for your child or an adult or teenager who wants something different;

I would boldly state that- GO GET IT.

I own myself an ipod touch too. To fully ultilize and maximize your ipod touch, you've got to jailbreak the ipod touch first- similar to hacking a psp. (Apple doesn't authorize cracked apps which you could get for free. Imagine a 100 dollar app you could get for absolutely nothing!)

Okay, im not trying to promote jailbreaking here, but the reasons why you guys should get the new ipod touch. Its my gay partner now- i mean the new ipod touch.

So, first things first.

1. You could listen to music. And Oh, watch videos too.

Everyone knows that! Duh. Its so obvious. WTF>>>Its not just listening to music that makes the ipod touch one hell of a device, but you could also put in some lyrics- meaning, when you're listening to a song, you could read the lyrics as well! Plus, if you're listening to the radio and you want to know what current song you're listening, don't fret. You can always rely on your ipod touch. (Metrolyrics and Soundhound apps are the best). Other than that, ipod touch also has VLC available, so to those video junkies, give yourself a favor!

2. Connect to wifi!!

Wifi! Wifi is everywhere! (In the city area, of course). Wifi in your ipod touch means you could surf the internet, go facebook, twitter and download music or apps! And, read Random-Apples too. =P. (A lot of phones right now have wifi connection available, so it doesn't gives too much significance over the ipod touch. However it is a +++ for the ipod touch being able to connect through the internet.)

3. Play awesome games!!!

Did you know that you could play NFS Shift, MGS, Guitar Hero, Resident Evil 4, Plants Vs Zombies etc..etc on your ipod touch?! Its like having a ps-one, ps-two and a psp combined together as one console! Imagine forking out an extra RM400 for a ps-two just to play resident evil 4 and another RM900 just for a psp to play NFS shift. Ain't worth it, you know. Moreover, these games costs you absolutely nothing!!!! (You'll need an internet connection, of course).

4. Music, Internet, Games. So what? What about learning?!

Ipod touch is just not about entertainment. You can learn through the ipod touch. How? Simply download the pdf reader or ibook apps and put lecture notes/e-books inside the ipod. Wala! Now you have a digital book where you could read it everywhere, anytime you want. For muslims, you could recite the Quran as well. There's an app where you could read the Quran. Very handy indeed. Say goodbye to heavy books!!!!

5. Your Daily Partner In Crime.

My daily partner in crime? You've gotta be kidding me! Yep- its true folks. When you buy an ipod touch, it would be your soulmate. Your gay/lesbian partner for the whole time. Why? Because ipod touch wakes me up in the morning, schedules my work/study, navigate my way to places through GPS, get my fitness in tip-top shape and I could accessorize my ipod according to my own style. Finally, you could record some HD video's too!! Cool? You bet it is!

So whats next? After reading through all these "Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Own Yourself An Ipod Touch"

University/College Student: Go get it.
Parents Who Wants To Surprise Their Kids: You Should.
Adults/Teenagers: Should I Say More?

An 8gb Ipod touch starts at RM829. Go to your nearest Apple Store, now!

P:S// Please take note that im not getting any $$$ from Apple for writing this. I wrote it because the ipod-touch is just so awesome!

Oh yeah. Another thing. You could also turn your ipod-touch into a phone as well!!! :DD.
(Apple Peel).

I'm lovin my ipod touch! :).


Albert said...

Well written top 5 there... as a university student, I am still sticking to my laptop la hahaha... theft is rife here hmmmm

Mizi a.k.a SKELERTOR said...

Ipod touch is the best device you can have next to iPhone..

Ipod much cheaper than iPhone with cut down service.. so for gamers and music lover can have this one.. for me NO for now.. I'm using Android now and my money more toward my DSLR camera

colecanyoudigit said...

suck it mp3s
you just got it brought

sit on it and spin
black and yellow
black and yellow

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