Monday, November 1, 2010

Photo Sharing: 12

The guys inside this picture are those 9 out of 10 people (including me, =P) who's going to Sheffield to pursue Masters In Engineering, Chemical Process. The two Mat Sallehs are the lecturers from Sheffield University, who came to visit and have a chit-chat session with us.

One of the lecturers, Dr. Martin, gave us an useful advice,

"Instead of achieving the lowest minimum grade to pass, why don't try to achieve the maximum?"

That quote stroke a lightning bolt into my brain. =)


Anonymous said...

A very nice quote.. It is human nature to be lazy and do just the minimum to get pass hurdles in life..

RanDomApple$ said...

Shirleen, most of the time i'll be laying myself on my bed, thinking when would I get the heck out of this misery business! Time to make a fresh start! :)

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