Sunday, October 23, 2011


I know i've should done this post a week ago, but yeah, i'm lazy and I always procrastinate, so what the heck.

Last week, I went to Liverpool with my friends, in occasion to "enjoy" the atmosphere of the stadium when Manchester United came to Anfield for a BPL match.

Our trip started very early, as we walked from Sheffield to the bust station as early as 8a.m. The bus would be leaving at 9a.m and the estimated time of arrival at Liverpool was 11.40a.m.

During the bus trip I saw a lot of hills, water flowing from the rivers and some sheep, cows and goats munching on some grass. It was quite an unbelievable sight though, since it was the scene was so beautiful and mesmerizing.

Once we arrived at Liverpool, we took the taxi from the coach station to Anfield and it costs around 6 pounds. At Anfield, the atmosphere was really sick! I see everyone walking, with their Liverpool jerseys everywhere and I was like-

"Whoa..I'm at Anfield, I am really at Anfield!"

Everyone was singing, shouting and sadly enough, I can't enter into Anfield to watch the match since I don't have any tickets. Speaking of tickets, there were some people offering us some tickets but the price was sooo fucking expensive- 200 pounds!!

The normal ticket price was 48 pounds and there were a few people asking us too, wether if we have any tickets but we told them there were some "people" who were selling at 200 pounds and they tell us-

"I dont give a damn. As long as I can enter the stadium, then it's 200 pounds money well spent"

Oh well.

Me and my friends decided to watch the game inside the bar, just opposite of the stadium. The bar was fully packed of people and there's this bodyguard infront of the bar keeps on reminding us-

"Don't just stand there and watch the game; BUY SOME DRINKS!"

Feeling kinda scared that they would throw us out, we bought some cola's and for every miss, there's a loud sigh and when Gerrard scored the goal from the free kick, everyone was jumping around and screaming. After the goal, a few Liverpool songs and chants were heard but when Hernandez scored that fucking goal close range at the dying minutes, everyone went silent and in all of a sudden-


And everyone continues to swear, curse and yell every nasty word they could think off.

After the game, me and my friends went to the scarfs shop to buy some Liverpool scarfs. It was 5 pounds each and we bought a lot of them. The shop owner was nice enough to give us some free gifts too.

That was when, disaster came. Me and my friends wanted to go to the city of Liverpool to tour a bit and visit the Legendary Beatles Museum but little do we know that there were no taxi's and buses near Anfield after the match. We tried to call the taxi but they told us that the taxis were sold out?! WTF? SOld out?! We had to wait for the bus nearly for two hours and we arrived at the city at 4.30p.m, in which our bus back to Sheffield was due at 6p.m. Shit.

The only place we managed to visit was the Liverpool city centre and visited the Liverpool's Sport Direct shop where I bought a pair of gloves. During the trip back to Sheffield we transited at Leeds for an hour and managed to grab a few pictures.

I asked a friend of mine, "Hey, what do you think of this trip overall?"

"Disaster. A fucking disaster. It wouldn't be a fucking disaster if Liverpool won."

Yeah, I thought, if only there was a taxi after the match, we could've visited the museum, waterfront and even ride Liverpool's eye.

I wouldn't mind at all, if the score was 1-0 or 3-0 instead of 1-1 the other day.

Will visit Liverpool again next time.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Life Challenges

Pardon for my ignorance on my blog, but I've been busy for quite a while since the start of my university life.

It's been challenging. Fucking challenging.

You know, ever since I've step foot on this country and university, I've been thinking and worried about the fact that i'll be short of money.

I think, from every international students point of view, they can't deny the fact that money, is always an issue- and you can't fuck with it or else, you're dead.

I'm one of the few students who are currently staying at the university halls and it's 40 minutes away from my department. Walking never felt this damning before and ofcourse, there's a few of us staying at private accommodation, which is a hell lot cheaper.

Imagine, the difference in staying halls and private accommodation is 200 pounds a month. That's a lot you know. 200 pounds a month can buy you a lot of stuffs and thinking about this has really starting to make me crazy. The most I could save is like 100 pounds and so, there goes my eurotrip plan. Down and dusted.

But yeah, halls are good if you wanna meet new people, friends and gain a valuable experience with the local lads here in the UK which you can't get it elsewhere. I mean, since you're here in the UK, go get some experience and tell your story at your hometown, eh?

I do find it hard sometimes to get along with my flatmates since their lifestyles are totally different from mine. (Some of them). They drink, party and club. But that doesn't mean that I can't approach them as a normal human would do. Sure, I may not have that perfect english speaking tone and that european face look; but once you get the hang of it, you'll find them fun, nice and funny at times.

Sometimes I think, did I make the right choice on staying at the university halls? I could go find myself a private accommodation and a replacement for my room (which is very hard at the current moment) but I'll just let time decides, wether the choice was totally worth it-

Or not.

Challenge Accepted.

P:S// Trying out the new blogger template..seems cool! But no gadgets though. =(

Friday, October 7, 2011

Engineering Sexes

Image Credit: Imperial College London

I can draw a conclusion that men-

Enrolls in engineering far more than many compared to women.

Tch, tch, tch....BUTTT!!

The trend has steadily changed in which I observed that women are studying engineering more than any course and reality bites;

They tend to be far better than men.

So, I don't think that my conclusion is valid. It's arguable and honestly, more and more women are trying to indulge into engineering which people always describe engineering, "ONLY FOR GUYS".

What gives?

I don't really see a change in enrollment in "ONLY FOR WOMENS" courses and one prime example, nursing- still "men" thinks;

"'s for girls mate, I don't think nursing is the course for me, "

This has to change though, as thinking certain courses for only "Men" or "Women"is stupid.

Don't let that mindset kills your interest in a subject or course where sex, doesn't play any part of it.

It's all what you want to be and the interest that you have in it, and I've totally changed my mind thinking that women can't do better than men in engineering.

Again, reality bites. Women kicks men's ass most of the time.


Thursday, October 6, 2011


I always love astronomy.

They're so fun to study and read, yet so mysterious.

I'm just one of the many people who appreciates astronomy and if you guys do appreciate astronomy as I do, why don't you pamper yourself with these video's and tell me what you think about it.

They're really mind boggling- or should I say, fuck your brains out.

Crazy. So, so crazy.

Am i the only one who thinks that we're not alone?

P:S// Taking a few hours off from studying, brain needs some thinking space of its own.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

RIP Steve Jobs

Great man, great vision and revolutionary.

RIP Steve, you've made life alot easier and fun with your brilliance and ideas.

You will be greatly missed and thank you, for your tremendous work in improving our lives.

You changed the way we see our world.

If you guys have a minute or two, please write up at to send any last wishes in remembrance to Steve and his family.

Again, RIP- Steve Jobs.

P:S// Cancer is such a deadly disease. One could buy money, but one could not buy health, nor time.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sheffield 1.49

I love Sheffield.

I really love the feel of it, i mean the environment's so..pleasant, and heartwarming.


As always, I've been busy with classes and lectures, it's totally different from what i've experienced in Malaysia, the lecturers, students and ofcourse girls.  (Kidding)

Monday is my busiest day though, with classes and lectures from 11a.m till late 6p.m..which is totally crazy and tiring. Super duper tiring I'd say, in which when it comes to the last lecture on Mondays, I tend to defocus and wander off somewhere.

The lecturers are good, but how'd you feel if you have to sit down and hear lectures 4 hours straight? Totally crazy.

I've done my first lab session a few moments ago and usually supervisors expect you to know how to use all the apparatus given to you during the lab session.

The agonizing lab report awaits. Damn I totally hate lab reports.

Mak suruh ambik business gatal2 blaja engineering. Kan kene buat lab report??

Here in Sheffield, fish is very expensive while meat; especially chicken or beef is quite cheap. I thought I wanted to eat tuna for dinner but I was god-smacked when I saw the price for a can of tuna was 1.69 pounds each and oh, forgot to mention that rice was 1.20 pounds for 1 kg which is very expensive!

Apa nak buat, nasik punya pasal..beli sajalah.

One thing that I like about my place here is that you can see squirrels everywhere. I mean, literally merata-rata tempat! And they're not shy too. Here's one pic of a squirrel that i took using my cam at the botanical garden. (I just love the parks's soo green and leafy..but all white during winter).

Cute, kan?

Chocolates here are very very very cheap..i mean dead cheap!! 5 bars of snickers (full size ones) costs only 1 pound! (That's 20p each..roughly RM0.95 cents..haha). In Malaysia snickers bar are usually RM3-RM3.50 something..(roughly 58-62p). There's loads of chocolates in my room, you can actually see snickers bar at every corner.

Me and my friends did tried to cook a few Malaysian dishes but yeah we failed miserably, even Nasi Goreng. If only I learnt how to cook hungriness wouldn't be as miserable as it is right now.

It would be nice to eat a bowl of Mee Kolok with a glass of Teh Tarik.


Tired of eating mee sedap everyday! =.=

Ok, sorry about that picture. We were too "happy" when we finally cook rice.
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