Monday, October 17, 2011

Life Challenges

Pardon for my ignorance on my blog, but I've been busy for quite a while since the start of my university life.

It's been challenging. Fucking challenging.

You know, ever since I've step foot on this country and university, I've been thinking and worried about the fact that i'll be short of money.

I think, from every international students point of view, they can't deny the fact that money, is always an issue- and you can't fuck with it or else, you're dead.

I'm one of the few students who are currently staying at the university halls and it's 40 minutes away from my department. Walking never felt this damning before and ofcourse, there's a few of us staying at private accommodation, which is a hell lot cheaper.

Imagine, the difference in staying halls and private accommodation is 200 pounds a month. That's a lot you know. 200 pounds a month can buy you a lot of stuffs and thinking about this has really starting to make me crazy. The most I could save is like 100 pounds and so, there goes my eurotrip plan. Down and dusted.

But yeah, halls are good if you wanna meet new people, friends and gain a valuable experience with the local lads here in the UK which you can't get it elsewhere. I mean, since you're here in the UK, go get some experience and tell your story at your hometown, eh?

I do find it hard sometimes to get along with my flatmates since their lifestyles are totally different from mine. (Some of them). They drink, party and club. But that doesn't mean that I can't approach them as a normal human would do. Sure, I may not have that perfect english speaking tone and that european face look; but once you get the hang of it, you'll find them fun, nice and funny at times.

Sometimes I think, did I make the right choice on staying at the university halls? I could go find myself a private accommodation and a replacement for my room (which is very hard at the current moment) but I'll just let time decides, wether the choice was totally worth it-

Or not.

Challenge Accepted.

P:S// Trying out the new blogger template..seems cool! But no gadgets though. =(


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