Friday, October 7, 2011

Engineering Sexes

Image Credit: Imperial College London

I can draw a conclusion that men-

Enrolls in engineering far more than many compared to women.

Tch, tch, tch....BUTTT!!

The trend has steadily changed in which I observed that women are studying engineering more than any course and reality bites;

They tend to be far better than men.

So, I don't think that my conclusion is valid. It's arguable and honestly, more and more women are trying to indulge into engineering which people always describe engineering, "ONLY FOR GUYS".

What gives?

I don't really see a change in enrollment in "ONLY FOR WOMENS" courses and one prime example, nursing- still "men" thinks;

"'s for girls mate, I don't think nursing is the course for me, "

This has to change though, as thinking certain courses for only "Men" or "Women"is stupid.

Don't let that mindset kills your interest in a subject or course where sex, doesn't play any part of it.

It's all what you want to be and the interest that you have in it, and I've totally changed my mind thinking that women can't do better than men in engineering.

Again, reality bites. Women kicks men's ass most of the time.



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