Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sheffield 1.49

I love Sheffield.

I really love the feel of it, i mean the environment here..it's so..pleasant, and heartwarming.


As always, I've been busy with classes and lectures, it's totally different from what i've experienced in Malaysia, the lecturers, students and ofcourse girls.  (Kidding)

Monday is my busiest day though, with classes and lectures from 11a.m till late 6p.m..which is totally crazy and tiring. Super duper tiring I'd say, in which when it comes to the last lecture on Mondays, I tend to defocus and wander off somewhere.

The lecturers are good, but how'd you feel if you have to sit down and hear lectures 4 hours straight? Totally crazy.

I've done my first lab session a few moments ago and usually supervisors expect you to know how to use all the apparatus given to you during the lab session.

The agonizing lab report awaits. Damn I totally hate lab reports.

Mak suruh ambik business takmaw..ni gatal2 blaja engineering. Kan kene buat lab report??

Here in Sheffield, fish is very expensive while meat; especially chicken or beef is quite cheap. I thought I wanted to eat tuna for dinner but I was god-smacked when I saw the price for a can of tuna was 1.69 pounds each and oh, forgot to mention that rice was 1.20 pounds for 1 kg which is very expensive!

Apa nak buat, nasik punya pasal..beli sajalah.

One thing that I like about my place here is that you can see squirrels everywhere. I mean, literally merata-rata tempat! And they're not shy too. Here's one pic of a squirrel that i took using my cam at the botanical garden. (I just love the parks here..it's soo green and leafy..but all white during winter).

Cute, kan?

Chocolates here are very very very cheap..i mean dead cheap!! 5 bars of snickers (full size ones) costs only 1 pound! (That's 20p each..roughly RM0.95 cents..haha). In Malaysia snickers bar are usually RM3-RM3.50 something..(roughly 58-62p). There's loads of chocolates in my room, you can actually see snickers bar at every corner.

Me and my friends did tried to cook a few Malaysian dishes but yeah we failed miserably, even Nasi Goreng. If only I learnt how to cook earlier..my hungriness wouldn't be as miserable as it is right now.

It would be nice to eat a bowl of Mee Kolok with a glass of Teh Tarik.


Tired of eating mee sedap everyday! =.=

Ok, sorry about that picture. We were too "happy" when we finally cook rice.


Didie Dayana Ismail said...

oww tedahh xpat mok makan nasik eyhhh:p nway, squirrel ya comel!

michelle said...

mahal na juak nasik..ctok 59pence jak 1kg..kat aldi..cnun xda aldi ka?

Buzz said...


cute nak tupei ya..haha, pande berposing2 indah gik depan cam..=P


aldi? apa ya michelle? haha..even kat tesco nasik pun 1pounds for 1kg..=(

michelle said...

Aldi is a supermarket like tesco/sainsbury..Usually in aldi, everything is cheaper..haha..i usually buy rice there :D
i checked the website..they do have Aldi in sheffield..try to look around for it :)

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