Monday, August 30, 2010

Becoming A Sheffiled Student

Recently I read this book about some particular university in UK, which im going to, hopefully. In that book it wrote;

"Becoming a Sheffield student is all about trying new things, testing your strengths and discovering what you're passionate about".

Somehow that quote gave me an instant lift of gloom, with the situation that i'm in at the moment, with all those assignments, coursework's and studying.

So, I thought about it, what does trying new things mean, if i'm there?

My answer to that question would be playing futsal with the white orblack guys. Is it? Or maybe something a lil' bit different. Meet new friends from the other side of the world? Perhaps.

Testing my strengths?

Probably the studying environment since we are pampered thoroughly last year in college and this year in Malacca. Here, we can bombard the lecturers with stupid questions and silly ones, but if i'm there, it would be a totally different story.

Me: Err...Dr, I have this question..emmm..what is an electron?
Lecturer: Go google.

So what about discovering that I'm really passionate in?

Photography? Imagine all those extraordinary photos I could take..and those scenes that Malaysia couldn't replicate.

Or perhaps,

Watching Liverpool live in Anfield?!

Who knows? =P.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Blackhead Addiction

Okay, this would sound quite disgusting for some but believe it or not I'm kinda addicted in removing my blackheads on my nose. (Using pore strips, not pinching using ur hands- thats uber disgusting!)

I don't really know why, but I seem to get crazy when I see those little white or blackheads on my nose. I'll take my biore pore strips and put it on my nose straight away and hoping those nasty little things would be gone.

And in another week later..there it comes again!

Girls, don't think that guys doesn't care about their faces! :P.

Anyways, there's a video that I want you guys to watch. Go click Play!

Disgusting, right?!

P:S//Somehow I kinda have this feeling where when I see people's blackhead I feel like I wanna remove them!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

5 Addictive Games I've Played.

If nobody ever played any video games before, then its a lie. I got myself my first video gaming machine when I was 8 and after the day it was bought, it was broken since I didn't shut it off- bummer. Anyways, during the recent years, I've been playing a lot of games when I have the luxury of time and most of them are quite addictive.

1. Ragnarok Online

One of the games that I played was Ragnarok Online.

I've been playing RO for years and through RO i've been making new friends from all around the world, mostly are Malaysians and Singaporeans. RO is a game filled with adventures and guild wars. The guild wars are the best part of RO- killing people in the game to seize a castle. Not forgetting the party gang bang to kill those MVP monsters around the game! Fun! But ever since botting was introduced in RO..somehow it spoils the fun of the game.

Can't forget those moments when I played RO with my friends at a private server he was totally fun and hilarious..! :P. For now I can't really play the game since it requires great commitment and studies, are my top priority for now. :P.

2. PES/Winning Eleven

2nd addictive game that I've played, up till now is PES, namely called Pro Evolution Soccer or Winning Eleven, as some of my friends call it. Its a football game, much more fun-to-play compared to FIFA as PES have an arcade style of play- whereas for FIFA, its much more like a stimulation rather than a game. I can't never get bored playing PES though, since I play PES everywhere that I go- in the toilet, for instance with my PSP.

Spending 30mins inside the toilet with PES never sounds so good, ey?

3. Guitar Hero

The third game, guitar hero, introduced by a friend of mine, Izhan at KMKN was fast-paced and challenging. All the songs are quite nice to hear and play too. It does requires some super fast fingers to get all those notes though and I saw this video on youtube, an 8 year old kid succeeded in playing Through the Fire and Flames. WTF! Go watch it!

The difficulty of expert in guitar hero does make me go haywire sometimes..@.@

4. Counter Strike

I've started playing counter strike when I was a little kid. I played this game with a few of my friends and cousins at the nearest cybercafe in my hometown. Usually I'll play this game along with half life too. I bet everyone has played counter strike and could be considered as one of the legendary games in the mid 90's. I still remember the days in the cyber cafe where me and my friends were shouting;

"OI beli B46! Pegi snipe tero kat base ya!"

Sort of.

5. Dota

Dota was a game I hated because I can't really seem to get the point of why people play this game. I tried it once when I was in college, but I sucked at it. I gave dota a second try when I've arrived here in the university- yes, i know, a bad choice. (Atleast there's something I look forward to after all classes ended). Surprisingly, I was hooked by the game and it seems to be that I'm addicted to it!

Okay..I do really have to stop now..! :(

Or else!

Sunday, August 22, 2010


I never felt so frustrated in my life. The internet bugs me so much that I almost tombstoned my laptop. The speed of the internet- is as slow as a snail.

Here, in my campus, there's free wifi for everyone. Since it is free, so think about it;

Internet+Free+2000 people=LAG!!!!

"And some more..++"

The wifi speed at my college last time was so much better compared to my university campus. The only time when you wanna get optimum surfing or porn downloading is during 3-5am where that would be my time to sleep. So I guess that figures, sleep during the day and stay up late night just to get some speedy wifi? No thanks.

"Maybe a 3G broadband connection could do the trick?"

My frustration went boiling point where I recently bought myself a Celcom 3G internet broadband back in Sarawak, wasnt functioning that well at my campus. Other people and friend's 3G internet broadband is working flawlessly. But why do I always get that fucking green light that beeps on my usb modem?!


HOW THE HELL IM GONNA WATCH $&*@#%%^#????!!!!!

Nah, just kidding.

But seriously, it frustrates me a lot. The limit for Celcom Broadband internet is 5G bandwidth. This month, I only used it for 700MB and that's 50% EDGE/GPRS speed. I never get a stable 3G internet connection here with my broadband.

I even called the customer service 3 times and get the same fucking green light over and over again!
There was once, when the technician even said;

"Sorry, but I can't help. We would just reset your internet connection. Thank You"

"BULLSHIT!!! Is that what you call customer service?!"

The effects of bad connection;
  • Cant do any revisions or homeworks. (I depend 80% on the internet searching for notes).
  • Cant youtube for some of the wackiest video's around. (And some educational stuffs).
  • Cant blog that frequent.
Results: Unhappy.

And in the end;

"Die of waiting for page load!!"

Paying RM50 a month for something that you don't really use is such a waste. (I tried to terminate the line, but it would cost RM150! WTFFFF!).

How I wish the world had free-fast-and-efficient internet.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Photography: Hibiscus!

Im not a fan of flowers though, but somehow some flowers are quite attractiveto shoot. Take Hibiscus, for example- has lovely petals and vibrant and punchy colors.

One of my favorite flower shots! :D.

Taken with a D90 & 50mm f1.4g AF-S

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Daily Ramadhan Routine In Micet.

I've been staying in Micet for more than a month now and it's the 2nd week of Ramadhan. So if you guys were wondering what the hell did I do, (well, im assuming that no one for routine purposes, so here goes.

Let's just take Monday as a reference.

Bangun pagi sahur makan roti gardenia with planta and gula.

Subuh and get back to sleep.

Woke up from deep slumber and take a shower.

Get prepared for lecture.

Sits in lecture and wondering what the hell the lecturer is talking about.

Go back to hostel and play dota for one game and continue sleeping.

Ielts lecture. Love the lecturer's english accent and facial expressions. Hmmm..

Beli makanan kat kedai Pak Ya- most cheapest and delicious food stall in Micet.

Masak nasi and another game of dota.

Berbuka puasa! Mandi dan Maghrib.

Tarawikh. (Kalau x, tido.)


Revise what I have studied for the day.

Another Dota game?


P:S// Im kinda addicted to Dota although I've started playing ever since I was in Micet! Arghhh! How to curb the addictiveness of that game!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Photo Sharing: 10

There's something weird about this cloud.

"Can you guess what it is? :P"

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Funny Sports Pictures!

I was surfing on the internet on the other day and crossed into google- saw some funny sports pictures that made me laugh like hell. Won't be fun if I'm laughing all by myself, wouldn't it? So here's some of the funny sports pictures that I think, could make your belly bursts because of overdose laughters! :D.


You've been warned.




And my personal favourite..!


Saturday, August 14, 2010

100th blog post!

It has been 5months since RandomApples started posting some random and practically weird stuffs. I never thought that I would be posting my 100th post, but I did. So here it is, my 100th RandomApples blog post.

I feel proud and happy when someone goes to RandomApples and reads it, leaves a comment about the blog post, or just simply clicking the like button- I feel, that my writings somehow went to their minds, or maybe their hearts; who knows?

"Probably this cat is reading RandomApples! :D"

Blogging somehow becomes a part of my hobby, just because I like to write and express what I have in mind, or to share with the readers, practically whats happening; but not too personal, of course.

Here, I would like to express my greatest gratitude to all RandomApples readers-you, the reader. Because without you guys, nothing motivates me to be a blogger- you guys rock! :D.

Happy reading! :D.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Sennheiser HD228 review: Classy

So far I've bought 5 headphones. 3 of them are Sony, a wireless bluetooth nokia headset and my recent addition, the Sennheiser HD228. 4 out of 5 of the headphones that i've bought are broken; due to excessive wear and tear. I usually use headphones almost 3-5 hours a day to listen to my favorite music and the previous headphone that I owned, a Sony, has almost come to the end of her life.

"It's time to change for a new headset!"

Usually I use my headphones approximately for 1year+++. My previous Sony headphone, had served me for 1 year and 3 months; not bad for the price that I've paid for those headphones. Now, the Sennheiser HD228, which costed me half of my monthly allowance, would be my daily partner-in-crime for my ears.

"3 years worth of warranty! Hopefully it stays well for 3 years!"

Boasting with an international warranty, I am pretty sure that the money I've paid for this pair of headphones was worth every single penny. Frankly speaking, I don't know exactly how to review a headphone, but I'll try to give some of my thoughts about this pair of Sennheiser.

"Sennheiser HD228, first hand look"

Initially, I like the look of the headphones. It looks very stylish indeed. The metallic look of the ear pads really gave the headphones a nice finish. Despite all the stylish and extravaganza appearance, the build quality somewhat disappoints me. It is made from plastic. (I expect a seriously good build quality since I paid a hefty price tag for this headphone, but it was otherwise). In contrast of the poor build quality, it is suprisingly weightless when you put this headphone on your ears. Its comfortable!

"Comfortable ear pads! :D and rotatable!"

The sound quality of the Sennheiser is good. When attached to my mp3, the sounds are clear and crisp. The ear pads of the headphones does a good job blocking some outside noise too. So, if you're a music junkie like me, who frequently walks and takes on the bus or the commute, this would be your ideal music companion. Although the noise cancelling headphones are pretty much tempting, but I guess I wouldnt be using the function of noise cancelling except during long flights. One disappointing fact about this headphone was the 3.5mm jack wasn't gold plated; most 3.5mm jack headphones nowadays are gold plated, by the way.

"If it was gold plated, maybe it could improve the sound quality a bit"

As a conclusion,

Build Quality: 2.5/5
Features: 3.5/5
Ease of Use: 4.5/5
Looks: 4.5/5
Sound Quality: 4/5

Overall: 3.8/5

Worth it. =D

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Selamat Menyambut Bulan Ramadhan! :D

To all my muslim friends, i'm taking this opportunity to wish all of you happy fasting in the month of Ramadhan!


Good Deeds,


Perkara2 tidak berfaedah.

Hopefully each and everyone of us have a blessed Ramadhan and a word of advice, don't drink and eat too much during "berbuka puasa"! 

Sunday, August 8, 2010

KL Pikom PC Fair: 18 SX

This was my first time going to Pikom PC Fair in KL. Venturing myself with my friends through a journey of traffic jams, we arrived in KL 2 hours from Malacca. We had to use jalan tikus in order to avoid those killer traffic jams. Traffic jams; the agony!

"PC Fair is such an attention seeker!"

My friends and I went to KLCC via LRT. Imagine the flood of people going to the PC Fair; there were loads of them! (In my case I saw a lot of photographers; I guess they're taking the opportunity to take some pictures of nice sexy looking ladies??). We had to push and shuffle our way through to the main entrance of KLCC and crawl our way to the PC Fair- there's a sea of people out there!

"If you place a bomb here, imagine the death toll. =.="

I was looking for a headphone during the PC fair but to no avail. Everything was the same brand, sensonic, sonic gear, fucksonic from hall 1 to hall 5. I was quite suspicious for some of the prices shown here at the PC-fair. Some were cheap, but most of them were the same price as sold in lowyat, but bundled with a better package. There's this booth where I saw the price of a mouse that I bought at lowyat was RM11 expensive. WTF. I thought PC-fair prices should be cheaper!

Oh, what the heck.

"I was hoping that there were booths like Senheisser, Shure or even Audio Technica..but none"

One of the best things about PC-fairs are those girls wearing skimpy and sexy outfit promoting customers with their products- a negative impression to those little and elder ones, but a positive impression to teenage boys and photographers. A chance to cuci-mata. I didn't miss the opportunity to grab some pictures myself, just for portfolio's sake. Sometimes I do think why do promoters must wear those type of outfits to attract customers?

Enough talking, let us see some of the promoter girls outfits~! :D.

"*(&$^&(*_#)(*!!!!! OMG SEXXXXAH"

"Is this anti-virus?!"


"Too much make-ups!"

So you see..PC fair ain't really a PC fair at all, but mostly a place where you could see a lot of sexy skinny models, I perhaps? I didn't bought anything on that day, since there was nothing that I was interested in. Wished that the PC fair had more international brands; other than the brands you could search for yourselves here in Malaysia. Overall, it was a nice experience; and if there's an upcoming PC Fair, probably i'll just bring my camera along and shoot some girls.

Nice, eh?

P:S// It's a sea of people, I tell you! Never seen so many people at KLCC!

Friday, August 6, 2010

I love biology.

The title says it all. I love biology. What makes biology so interesting? Well, one of our subjects in the syllabus are biology, and are taught by two lecturers. One of the lecturers, called Dr. Azizan, makes me love biology ever since he came to our class.

Dr. Azizan is the deputy dean of UniKL Micet, graduated from University of Warwick and owns a PhD graduate. Sounds awesome, right? One would say someone with that calibre would be someone who's strict and practices high discipline, but I guess i was wrong.

Dr. Azizan; sangat sempoi.

In our first class, he came through the class door, put his bag on the chair, glared at us for a moment (made us scared for a little while) and then suddenly popped out a box of cigarette out of his pocket and tossed it on the table.

I was shocked and Dr. Azizan smiled and said, "Anything wrong?"

Dr. Azizan's class is entertaining, he's strict-yes; but he knows how to crack some jokes and make us laugh. He's a good lecturer and has 10 years of experience teaching biology in USM. One very interesting quote I remembered him saying,

"At Scotland, it's a drunker's heaven. They get drunk every Friday and Saturday nights. When I was in UK, saya budak jahat. Tapi sekarang da taubat"


"You know all those acne removal products sold at the supermarkets? That's bullshit."

And discrete too, =3.

Dr. Azizan's class is 2-hours. He travels from KL to Malacca, just to teach us biology. Last week, in his class he said,

"Drive dari KL ke Melaka ni penat tau. Take five jap" and took his cigaratte box and continued, "It's time for my vitamins". Dr. Azizan opened the class door, took a cigarette and lights it up.

Vitamins. Yeah.

Sempoiiiiii...! :P

Monday, August 2, 2010

Photography: Exquisite Dining

It's been a long time since I play with some creativity with my camera. Usually I'll just snap some photo's of events and friends, but rarely doing some art. Time really pulls me away from my hobby- wished that I had a little bit more of time to try a few things in photography. These photo's were taken some months ago at a restaurant called Mango Tree Cafe during my holidays in June. Hope you guys like it! :D

All images were taken with Nikon D90+50mm 1.4G AF-S

What do you guys think? :P. I like the fourth photo a lot..XD
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