Sunday, August 8, 2010

KL Pikom PC Fair: 18 SX

This was my first time going to Pikom PC Fair in KL. Venturing myself with my friends through a journey of traffic jams, we arrived in KL 2 hours from Malacca. We had to use jalan tikus in order to avoid those killer traffic jams. Traffic jams; the agony!

"PC Fair is such an attention seeker!"

My friends and I went to KLCC via LRT. Imagine the flood of people going to the PC Fair; there were loads of them! (In my case I saw a lot of photographers; I guess they're taking the opportunity to take some pictures of nice sexy looking ladies??). We had to push and shuffle our way through to the main entrance of KLCC and crawl our way to the PC Fair- there's a sea of people out there!

"If you place a bomb here, imagine the death toll. =.="

I was looking for a headphone during the PC fair but to no avail. Everything was the same brand, sensonic, sonic gear, fucksonic from hall 1 to hall 5. I was quite suspicious for some of the prices shown here at the PC-fair. Some were cheap, but most of them were the same price as sold in lowyat, but bundled with a better package. There's this booth where I saw the price of a mouse that I bought at lowyat was RM11 expensive. WTF. I thought PC-fair prices should be cheaper!

Oh, what the heck.

"I was hoping that there were booths like Senheisser, Shure or even Audio Technica..but none"

One of the best things about PC-fairs are those girls wearing skimpy and sexy outfit promoting customers with their products- a negative impression to those little and elder ones, but a positive impression to teenage boys and photographers. A chance to cuci-mata. I didn't miss the opportunity to grab some pictures myself, just for portfolio's sake. Sometimes I do think why do promoters must wear those type of outfits to attract customers?

Enough talking, let us see some of the promoter girls outfits~! :D.

"*(&$^&(*_#)(*!!!!! OMG SEXXXXAH"

"Is this anti-virus?!"


"Too much make-ups!"

So you see..PC fair ain't really a PC fair at all, but mostly a place where you could see a lot of sexy skinny models, I perhaps? I didn't bought anything on that day, since there was nothing that I was interested in. Wished that the PC fair had more international brands; other than the brands you could search for yourselves here in Malaysia. Overall, it was a nice experience; and if there's an upcoming PC Fair, probably i'll just bring my camera along and shoot some girls.

Nice, eh?

P:S// It's a sea of people, I tell you! Never seen so many people at KLCC!


ken said...

PC Fair has lost its REAL meaning among teenagers and photographers.. =P

alantanblog said...

Nice "sexy" pictures :-)

Everlyn said...

18sx meh? =P

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