Sunday, August 22, 2010


I never felt so frustrated in my life. The internet bugs me so much that I almost tombstoned my laptop. The speed of the internet- is as slow as a snail.

Here, in my campus, there's free wifi for everyone. Since it is free, so think about it;

Internet+Free+2000 people=LAG!!!!

"And some more..++"

The wifi speed at my college last time was so much better compared to my university campus. The only time when you wanna get optimum surfing or porn downloading is during 3-5am where that would be my time to sleep. So I guess that figures, sleep during the day and stay up late night just to get some speedy wifi? No thanks.

"Maybe a 3G broadband connection could do the trick?"

My frustration went boiling point where I recently bought myself a Celcom 3G internet broadband back in Sarawak, wasnt functioning that well at my campus. Other people and friend's 3G internet broadband is working flawlessly. But why do I always get that fucking green light that beeps on my usb modem?!


HOW THE HELL IM GONNA WATCH $&*@#%%^#????!!!!!

Nah, just kidding.

But seriously, it frustrates me a lot. The limit for Celcom Broadband internet is 5G bandwidth. This month, I only used it for 700MB and that's 50% EDGE/GPRS speed. I never get a stable 3G internet connection here with my broadband.

I even called the customer service 3 times and get the same fucking green light over and over again!
There was once, when the technician even said;

"Sorry, but I can't help. We would just reset your internet connection. Thank You"

"BULLSHIT!!! Is that what you call customer service?!"

The effects of bad connection;
  • Cant do any revisions or homeworks. (I depend 80% on the internet searching for notes).
  • Cant youtube for some of the wackiest video's around. (And some educational stuffs).
  • Cant blog that frequent.
Results: Unhappy.

And in the end;

"Die of waiting for page load!!"

Paying RM50 a month for something that you don't really use is such a waste. (I tried to terminate the line, but it would cost RM150! WTFFFF!).

How I wish the world had free-fast-and-efficient internet.


bad said...

porn downloading cuz??haiyo..hahahaha

Merrinette said...

i hate customer service as well!
most of the time, they're useless and cant really help much =/

ah well, try to apply for ur own line?
i'm sharing with around 3-4 person and i think it's quite okay for 1gb :)

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