Monday, August 30, 2010

Becoming A Sheffiled Student

Recently I read this book about some particular university in UK, which im going to, hopefully. In that book it wrote;

"Becoming a Sheffield student is all about trying new things, testing your strengths and discovering what you're passionate about".

Somehow that quote gave me an instant lift of gloom, with the situation that i'm in at the moment, with all those assignments, coursework's and studying.

So, I thought about it, what does trying new things mean, if i'm there?

My answer to that question would be playing futsal with the white orblack guys. Is it? Or maybe something a lil' bit different. Meet new friends from the other side of the world? Perhaps.

Testing my strengths?

Probably the studying environment since we are pampered thoroughly last year in college and this year in Malacca. Here, we can bombard the lecturers with stupid questions and silly ones, but if i'm there, it would be a totally different story.

Me: Err...Dr, I have this question..emmm..what is an electron?
Lecturer: Go google.

So what about discovering that I'm really passionate in?

Photography? Imagine all those extraordinary photos I could take..and those scenes that Malaysia couldn't replicate.

Or perhaps,

Watching Liverpool live in Anfield?!

Who knows? =P.


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