Thursday, August 26, 2010

5 Addictive Games I've Played.

If nobody ever played any video games before, then its a lie. I got myself my first video gaming machine when I was 8 and after the day it was bought, it was broken since I didn't shut it off- bummer. Anyways, during the recent years, I've been playing a lot of games when I have the luxury of time and most of them are quite addictive.

1. Ragnarok Online

One of the games that I played was Ragnarok Online.

I've been playing RO for years and through RO i've been making new friends from all around the world, mostly are Malaysians and Singaporeans. RO is a game filled with adventures and guild wars. The guild wars are the best part of RO- killing people in the game to seize a castle. Not forgetting the party gang bang to kill those MVP monsters around the game! Fun! But ever since botting was introduced in RO..somehow it spoils the fun of the game.

Can't forget those moments when I played RO with my friends at a private server he was totally fun and hilarious..! :P. For now I can't really play the game since it requires great commitment and studies, are my top priority for now. :P.

2. PES/Winning Eleven

2nd addictive game that I've played, up till now is PES, namely called Pro Evolution Soccer or Winning Eleven, as some of my friends call it. Its a football game, much more fun-to-play compared to FIFA as PES have an arcade style of play- whereas for FIFA, its much more like a stimulation rather than a game. I can't never get bored playing PES though, since I play PES everywhere that I go- in the toilet, for instance with my PSP.

Spending 30mins inside the toilet with PES never sounds so good, ey?

3. Guitar Hero

The third game, guitar hero, introduced by a friend of mine, Izhan at KMKN was fast-paced and challenging. All the songs are quite nice to hear and play too. It does requires some super fast fingers to get all those notes though and I saw this video on youtube, an 8 year old kid succeeded in playing Through the Fire and Flames. WTF! Go watch it!

The difficulty of expert in guitar hero does make me go haywire sometimes..@.@

4. Counter Strike

I've started playing counter strike when I was a little kid. I played this game with a few of my friends and cousins at the nearest cybercafe in my hometown. Usually I'll play this game along with half life too. I bet everyone has played counter strike and could be considered as one of the legendary games in the mid 90's. I still remember the days in the cyber cafe where me and my friends were shouting;

"OI beli B46! Pegi snipe tero kat base ya!"

Sort of.

5. Dota

Dota was a game I hated because I can't really seem to get the point of why people play this game. I tried it once when I was in college, but I sucked at it. I gave dota a second try when I've arrived here in the university- yes, i know, a bad choice. (Atleast there's something I look forward to after all classes ended). Surprisingly, I was hooked by the game and it seems to be that I'm addicted to it!

Okay..I do really have to stop now..! :(

Or else!


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