Friday, August 6, 2010

I love biology.

The title says it all. I love biology. What makes biology so interesting? Well, one of our subjects in the syllabus are biology, and are taught by two lecturers. One of the lecturers, called Dr. Azizan, makes me love biology ever since he came to our class.

Dr. Azizan is the deputy dean of UniKL Micet, graduated from University of Warwick and owns a PhD graduate. Sounds awesome, right? One would say someone with that calibre would be someone who's strict and practices high discipline, but I guess i was wrong.

Dr. Azizan; sangat sempoi.

In our first class, he came through the class door, put his bag on the chair, glared at us for a moment (made us scared for a little while) and then suddenly popped out a box of cigarette out of his pocket and tossed it on the table.

I was shocked and Dr. Azizan smiled and said, "Anything wrong?"

Dr. Azizan's class is entertaining, he's strict-yes; but he knows how to crack some jokes and make us laugh. He's a good lecturer and has 10 years of experience teaching biology in USM. One very interesting quote I remembered him saying,

"At Scotland, it's a drunker's heaven. They get drunk every Friday and Saturday nights. When I was in UK, saya budak jahat. Tapi sekarang da taubat"


"You know all those acne removal products sold at the supermarkets? That's bullshit."

And discrete too, =3.

Dr. Azizan's class is 2-hours. He travels from KL to Malacca, just to teach us biology. Last week, in his class he said,

"Drive dari KL ke Melaka ni penat tau. Take five jap" and took his cigaratte box and continued, "It's time for my vitamins". Dr. Azizan opened the class door, took a cigarette and lights it up.

Vitamins. Yeah.

Sempoiiiiii...! :P


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