Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Spot the difference!

This is my Gay Partner In Crime (GPIC), Faris.

We do gay stuff together like hiding under the bed when Mr. Hanafi comes to check on us during prep hours, throw shitloads of pukes/garbage during birthday bashes, sneak in the library during 1-2am just to online and play PES during the wee hours of morning likes there's no class tomorrow.

Somehow, I met his twin here in Micet!

Can we do gay stuff together orange-shirt-guy????!


Anonymous said...

they cant be twin, can they?? u mean, biological twin, seriously? i cant see any similarities in their face..

Faris said...

Holy crap..
I dont have any gay twin..

goreng said...

haha.. faris is gay.. fcuk!!

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