Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Creating Your Gaming Laptop!

Okay, I admit that I'm some kinda tech geek but the thing is, I can never run away from gaming. Everyone loves games. It's bullshit if you're not because I know that you're lying. Games are fun. And games should be played at the best conditions possible, right? So, I've got something to share with my readers, how to create your personal best gaming laptop!

What you need.

1. You'll need a laptop, ofcourse!

Any laptop will do. As long as it has decent graphics. Unlike the alienware laptops, they're far too superior. I'm using a Macbook Pro 13 inch, it has nice graphics and doesn't really hangs that much. A lot of people ask me could Apple laptops play games like windows? Of course they can! (Sorry mum, I've violated my promise not to play games on this laptop! =P)

2. Mouse! Where mousepad on laptops sucks.

A mouse is a must have for everyone! Wether you're using a laptop, netbook or desktop. Using a mouse feels so much comfortable than clicking on the mousepad provided by the laptop. How to play dota or counter strike when you don't have a mouse, right???? (Mouse with ballz are outdated. Use laser mouse instead!)

3. Speakers, providing you with the best gaming atmosphere possible.

Bored with inferior 2-d sounds from your laptop? Then its time to plug in some speakers yaww! Speakers provide gamers realtime sounds and certainly boosts the gaming atmosphere. Any speakers would do. Stereo, that is. 

4. Keyboards, here comes guitar hero!

A lot of people thought that buying a keyboard for a laptop is worthless. But I kid you not! Buying a keyboard for your laptop is worth the investment. Why press the buttons on your laptop that could damage the internal parts of your laptop when you could press a new, shiny, keyboard? Don't be a cheapskate and get one now! Plus, you can play guitar hero with a keyboard too. :)

5. USB HUBSSS! Get those USB cracking!!

How the hell are you going to fit all those laptop accessories if you don't have enough usb's right? 


Cooling pad is essential for every laptop users. Laptops doesn't really have an efficient cooling system. Gaming would cause the laptop to be prone to melting of your motheboard, if you're not careful. Do yourself a favour and buy your laptop a cooling pad. (Aluminium materials are best since they could absorb heat from your laptop faster). The cooling master U1/U2 edition is a great addition for laptop gamers! And btw, less heat=smooth gaming!




Mohd Shukri Fadzillah said...

no doubt mac graphics looks good. cool setup. :) nanged

ken said...

haha.. never used my macbook for gaming before.. =P

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